the worried waltz

with modesty blur

Sunday, June 29, 2014
22:00 to 00:00
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Composer Piece Ensemble/
brian eno kurt's rejoinder before & after science editions eg
residents santa dog excerpts santa dog superior viaduct
henry cow war in praise of learning virgin
devo mongoloid q:are we not men? a:we are devo! warner brothers
devo pink pussycat duty now for the future warner brothers
suicide ghost rider suicide .
wire another the letter chairs missing harvest
nick mason's fictitious sports i'm a mineralist nick mason's fictitious sports harvest
slapp happy/henry cow some questions about hats/bad alchemy desperate straights virgin
pere ubu a day such as this song of the bailing man ubu projex
wire the other window/get down/let's panic later 154 harvest
david byrne catherine wheel excerpts catherine wheel sire
cooper,cutler,gilonis,hodgkinson,wyatt in the dark year the last nightingale recommended
colin newman image a-z beggar's banquet
tuxedomoon holiday for plywood desire crammed
matt johnson red cinders in the sand/song without an ending burning blue soul 4ad
dome d-d-bo 3 dome
art bears freedom the world as it is today rer
flying lizards in my lifetime fourth wall virgin
palais schaumburg ahoi,nicht traurig sein! palais schaumberg phonogram
colin newman 5/10 not to 4ad
lemon kittens evidence we buy a hammer for daddy biter of thorpe
the homosexuals collected of you astral glamour messthetics
znr seynete barricade 3 rer
der plan was ich von mir denke geri reig und normalette surprise ata tak
arthur russell home away from home another thought point
wire feed me/still shows/up to the sun the ideal copy mute
einsturzende neubauten sehnsucht 1/2 mensch thirsty ear
holger hiller oben im eck oben in eck mute
he said kidnap yourself hail mute
wire morning bell/small black reptile manscape mute
wir a bargain at 30 & 20 yeah! the first letter mute
sft lower shwarma mute
broadcast & the focus group investigate witch cults of the radio age excerpts investigate witch cults of the radio age warp
blixa bargeld/alva noto i wih i was a mole in the ground ret marut handshake .
momus & john henriksson gibbous moon thunderclown american patchwork
edvard graham lewis twins got got/where's the affen?/passport to international travel all over editions mego
eno.hyde lilac/cells & bells high life warp