the worried waltz


Sunday, June 22, 2014
21:30 to 23:30
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Composer Piece Ensemble/
edward lear . .
erik satie vexations excerpt
erik satie l'inconnu d'arcueil 1965 les documentaires de creation radiophonique excerpt
arnold schoenberg sonnet serenade for septet & bass voice
kurt weill threepenny opera excerpt .
kurt weill/mary margaret o'hara furchte dich nicht september songs sony
charles ives general william booth enters into heaven songs vol.1 unicorn
john cage the year begins to be ripe . .
harry partch a midnight farewell . .
moondog be a hobo moondog & his friends epic
james joyce/elliot kaplan humpty dumpty finnegan's wake rca
vivienne stenson tongue twisters 101 nursery rhymes folkways
yma sumac remember miracles london
the double six of paris naima . .
john cage radio music . .
hans werner henze belastiggungsversuche the tedious way to natasha ungeheur's apartment
erik satie vexations excerpt .
karlheinz stockhausen momente for soprano 4 choral groups 13 instrumentalists .
david del tredici/lewis carroll vintage alice excerpt . .
alexis weissenberg nostalgie ein surrealistisches musical excerpt . .
charles amirkhanian mugic lexical music 1750 arch
the residents bach is dead duck stab ralph
david toop the chair's story new & rediscovered musical instruments obscure
petr kotik/gertrude stein many many women excerpt .
phil minton wood song three a doughnut in both hands rift
kirk nurock rhythm chant natural sound wergo
philip glass lightning songs from liquid days cbs*///////////////////////////////////
laurie anderson white lily home of the brave warner brothers
joyce lightbody irk bear ears & other songs
orchid spangiafora flee past's ape elf excerpts flee past's ape elf feeding tube
john zorn my rainbow life . .
christian marclay elephant memories . .
einojuhani rautavaara the myth of sampo for male chorus soloists & tape excerpt sampo ondine
roger doyle charlotte corday his master's noise vol.2 bvhaast
loop orchestra circa 1901 . .
nobukazu takemura machine's dream . .
alexis weissenberg nostalgie ein surrealistisches musical excerpt .
goodnight sweetheart . . .