with Jon Solomon

Wednesday, February 23, 2005
19:00 to 22:00
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Artist Song Album Comments New Request Comp
The Rub The Death Of Pop Bikini Gospel The theme song you know and love.

Concert Calendar time.
Primitive Calculators I Can Tell S/T 1979 live recordings from this ace Australian post-punk band. *
Dan Friel Greenlights Sunburn He of Parts and Labor "fame."
Bryan McCann Vince Lombardi Service Area Lose Weight While Driving The location of my car's untimely breakdown this past Saturday morning.
Isis Backlit Panopticon The Bitch Magnet of metal. *
Green Mamba Busiku Bwanduuma Zambia Roadside Music from Southern Province. C
Envelope Lie Detector 45
Bear Claw Chameleon And The Sun Reminds me of Tar, which is good. *
Zipgun 4th Prize Baltimore
Altyrone Deno Brown Another Day Eccentric Soul: The Bandit Label Sung by a seven year old. * C
The Wolverton Brothers Mood Swings Sucking Hind Tit
Fracture Babbling S/T Pastacore meets Jokecore, fantastically.
Okkervil River For Real For Real (There's Nothing Quite Like The Blinding Light) A preview of their forthcoming third full-length. *
Bronx River Parkway Qienes Haverlo (Antes Que Hacerlo) Up From The Vaults Vol. 1 Funk. C
The Factory Incident 4am Red Tape Relatively new DC band with John Schroeder (Stabb) of Government Issue on vocals. *
Shy Child Live on WPRB 35:05
The Sultans Shut Up And Sit Down Shipwrecked John Reis represent.
Gang Gang Dance Track 7 Revival Of The Shittiest Cdr version of a vinyl-only collection. *
Kill Yourself Computron 2000 Soft Touch Of Man Shellac copycats.
The Magic Carpathians/Cerberus Shoal Continuumed The Life And Times Of... Hippies join forces.
Scritti Politti 28/8/78 Early Proper rerelease of some of this band's first recordings. *
Tony Allen Road Close (Dance Dub) Africa Funk Exactly what it says it is. C
The Raincoats Ooh Ooh La La Moving Good request. R
Low Death Of A Salesman The Great Destroyer Live next week on this radio show. *
The Fall Green Eyed Locoman The Real New Fall Lp R
Threats Pacivity Demos and Rarities Recorded in 1979.
Unsane Concrete Bed Singles '89 - '92 From a Glitterhouse 45. Thuuuud.
Rob Sonic Sniper Picnic Telicatessen *
John & Joya I'll Be Lonely Moonlight Groover Rocksteady. C
Treiops Treyfid Ute I Solen Feelings Of Unreality Ex-Pitchblende. *
16 Bitch Pile-Up Live At BLD 03/25/04 Come here, Sandy Split Lp with Sword Heaven. *