Classical Discoveries

with Marvin Rosen

In Memory of Nelson Mandela

Composer Piece Ensemble/
Conductor Soloist/
Castellano, Jennifer The Castle at Sunrise (opening section) Jennifer Castellano, Piano 13:00
Traditional South African Hymn Egolgotha The SDASA Chorale Erato Detour - 13:01
Moerane, Michael Mosoeu Fatse la heso (My Country) National Symphony Orchestra of the South African Broadcasting Corporation, Peter Marchbank, Conductor Marco Polo - 13:08
Grove, Stefans Stamping Dance from "Songs and Dances from Africa" Andrew Cruickshank, Piano Claremont - 13:20
Grove, Stefans Soul Bird Meininger Trio NCA - 13:24
Du Plessis, Hubert Slamse Beelde (Malay Scenes), Op. 21 The Cape Philharmonic Orchestra and the St. Georges Singers, Barry Smith, Conductor Claremont - 13:45
Nepgen, Rosa What I have lost Julia Bronkhorst, Soprano, Jacco Lamfers, Piano Q Disc - 14:08
Volans, Kevin Mbira Kevin Volands & Deborah James, Harpsichords, Robyn Schulkowsky, Percussion United - 14:11
Dijk, Peter Louis Van San Gloria National Symphony Orchestra and Chamber choir of the South African Broadcasting Corporation, Richard Cock, conductor Marco Polo - 14:24
Traditional South African Community Song VeLa! The SDASA Chorale Erato Detour - 14:40
Ndodana, Bongani Flowers in Sand William Chapman Nyaho MSR Classics - 14;44
Hofmeyr, Hendrik Iingoma National Symphony Orchestra o South Africa, Emmanuel Siffert, Conductor Distell Foundation - 14:55
Klatzow, Peter Moments of Night Jill Richards, Piano Claremont - 15:04
Zaidel-Rudolph, Jeanne Strange Quartet The sontonga Quartet Jeanne Zaidel-Rudolph 15:13
Kaiser-Lindemann, Wilhelm Hommage a Nelson M., Op. 27 Maria Kliegel, Cello, Stphan Froleyks, Percussion Naxos - 15:25
Solomon, Alan Antiphon and Burlesque I Grandi Violoncellisti Cello Classics - 16:11
arr. Wendt, Theo Four South African Folktunes National Symphony Orchestra of the Soouth African Broadcasting Corporation, Peter Marchbank, Conductor Marco Polo - 16:19
Van Wyk, Arnold Five Elegies Jurgen Schwietering and Petre Salonen, Violins, Leo Luyjendijk, Viola, Eric Martens, Cello Claremont - 16:27
Hofmeyr, Hendrik Of Innocence and Experience Zanne Stapelberg, Hendrik Hofmeyr, Piano Hendrik Hofmeyr 16:47
Zaidel-Rudolph, Jeanne Song for Madiba - He walked to Freedom jeanne Zaidel-Rudolph 16:55