risky business!!

with nick & westin

thomas cruise <3

Wednesday, July 31, 2013
15:00 to 17:00
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Artist Song Album Label Comments New Request
ratatat crips s/t xl helllooooo everyone!
beach day walking on the streets trip trap attack kanine nick picked this im sorry *
oxford collapse featherbeds bits sub pop brooklyn yo
aden matinee idol hey 19 teenbeat TEEN BEAT!!!
imperial teen don't know how you do it feel the sound merge ok
question marks & the mysterians i'll be back more action cavestomp la la la
last year's pizza dead as dreams s/t sunspit this sux *
eyeball skeleton bouncing apes #1 my pal god two kids and their dad!
freedom fry friends + enemies friends + enemies s/r cute
the boy least likey be gentle to me the best party ever too young to die cutesy
radical dads little tomb mega rama uninhabitable mansions sure!
yuck stutter s/t fat possum pretty
ringo death starr imagine hearts colour trip sonic unyon mbv, anyone?
the rondelles catastrophy fiction romance fast machines smells like records doopeedoo
alien father your life as a kite paste brother brother oohohohoh
gozmos please mr. postman live in bloomington gulcher lol motown cover
mission of burma that's when i reach for my revolver catalogue ryko thanks max! R
teenage fanclub the cabbage 13 creation thanks dylan! R
the hit parade my stupid band the return of the hit parade sarah love this.
multiple cat the hill song the return of the multiple cat s/r duumduum
cloud nothins stay useless attack on memory carpark cleveland ohio
gorillaz people d-sides virgin lol
chad vangaalen tmnt mask soft airplane subpop lol
pretty & nice grab your nets get young hardly art lol
brite future la noir glistening pleasure team swan lol
stars sleep tonight set yourself on fire arts & crafts we love you! R
the pastels illuminum song slow summits domino yes.
chris montez the more i see you true 60's love sunspit gr00vy
pixies havalina bossanova elektra awwhyus
the men please don't go away open ur heart ;0 sacred bones kewl!
the ravonettes dead sound lust lust lust vice doopdoopdoop
go-betweens people say 1978-1990 capitol aw
the pacific ocean im part of everything again so beautiful and cheap and warm teenbeat TEENBEAT!! love you guys adios see you next week