with Jon Solomon

Wednesday, May 1, 2013
19:00 to 22:00
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Artist Song Album Label Comments New Comp
The Rub The Death Of Pop Bikini Gospel
Bazooka War Parade S/T Slovenly *
16-17 Browbeaten Beat When All Else Fails... Savage Land
Waxahatchee Blue Pt. II Cerulean Salt Don Giovanni *
Silkworm The Grand Tour New School / Old School Matador RIP George Jones.
Saltland Hearts Mend I Thought It Was Us But It Was All Of Us Constellation Sounds like Pram! *
Kraftwerk The Robots The Man Machine Capitol Beep.
Chit Chat Attitude 7" S/R *
Man Or Astro-Man? Antimatter Man Defcon 5..4..3..2..1 Chunklet Forthcoming.
The Wilma Pool The Moon Undoes It All Weary Engine Blues Graveface C
Dirt Dress The 15th The Wiener Dog Comp Burger Wire cover.
Great Thunder Just Dessert Strange Kicks S/R
Al Madrigal Talking Back Why Is The Rabbit Crying? Comedy Central
Thunderegg A Fix Exists Not What I Meant S/R
Blacks Asians The "Max Dude" Session S/R
Ed Schrader's Music Beat Radio Eyes Sub Pop 1000 Sub Pop * C
Landing Loft Brocade Strange Attractors Audio House
Lossmaker Safari:embossed S/T Lo Bit Landscapes *
Rainy Day Saints Lose My Mind All These Strange Ghosts Get Hip
Glenn Jones Like A Sick Eagle Looking At The Sky My Garden State Thrill Jockey *
New Salem Witch Hunters Unnatural Blonde Hotel Cleveland Vol. II Scat C
Black Bug Midnight Reflecting The Light Hozac *
The Gary QSB Logan Cedar Fever
Mission For Christ Penny Dub The Complete Sessions Ektro *
Dan Friel Ghost Town (Pt. 2) Ghost Town Important
Lower Plenty Friends Wait Hard Rubbish Fire Members of Total Control & UV Race. *
The Pedaljets Measurement What's In Between S/R Forthcoming.
Via Vegrandis Summer Of Love S/R Flannelgraph
Pink & Brown Puddles Of Acid Part 3 / I Looked Into The Chi-Chi Every Shade Of Pink & Brown Castle Face
Major Stars Turning For Home Decibels Of Gratitude Important *
Chris Abrahams & Melanie Oxley The Way You See Me Where Joy Kills Sorrow W. Minc Willie Nelson song. C
The Whiles Nothing To Do With You (Clouds) Somber Honey Anyway *
Mighty Flashlight Several Water Cannons S/T Jade Tree
Nihiti Ghosts & Lovers Ghosts & Versions Lo Bit Landscapes Zebrablood remix. *