Wednesday, December 22, 2004
19:00 to 22:00
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Artist Song Album Comments New Request Comp
The Rub The Death Of Pop Bikini Gospel The theme song you know and love.

Concert Calendar time.
The Reatards I Gotta Rock And Roll Bed Room DIsasters Singles and unreleased recordings. *
Nils Freedom Sell Out Young RIP Alex Soria.
Sufjan Stevens Come On! Let's Boogie To The Elf Dance mp3 Happy Holidays!
Electroputas Profundo Rosso 3 The Social Registry gets it done. *
The Radio Beats Backseat Learning 45
Seven From Eleven Strawberry Snocone Part 1 Because You're Funky C
The Blackouts Dead Man's Curve History In Reverse Late '70s recordings from Seattle. *
White+Outs Lotto Maybe Chicago? One of 2004's best compilations. C
Neko Case Loretta The Tigers Have Spoken Nervous Eaters cover. *
The Dogs When A Young Man Teen Slime Original 1973-1977 recordings.
United Soul Association Sticky Boom Boom Inner City Sounds From 1971. Previously unreleased. C
Zombi Sepens Cosmos Way out there Pittsburgh synth horror soundtrack rock. *
Th' Inbred Exercise 3/History Lesson A Family Affair
Scared Of Chaka Girls Like You Crossing With Switchblades
She-Haw Live on WPRB 42:53
Eleventh Dream Day Ice Storm Stalled Parade
Liquid Liquid Bellhead DFA Compilation #2 Isn't it redundant for DFA to produce a Liquid Liquid track? * C
The Minutemen Tony Gets Wasted In Pedro The Politics Of Time Happy 47th birthday, Mike Watt.
Manu Dibango African Battle African Funk Hot. C
Cut-Out Insulation Interlude With Fun Machine Steve Fisk & Bob Beerman of Pell Mell.
Swivel Chairs Side Of The Road Sidetrack Stars Split Cd with Audible. *
Crepos M.Me Record Lower than lo-fi.
The Teeth Oh, Bessie! Carry The Wood Live next week on this radio show. *
Civil Rights There Is Nothing To Fear Six Weeks Omnibus Vol. 2 Japanese hardcore. C
Tone The Power Of Introspection Build Six guitars!
Bantam Rooster Man Of Wealth & Taste Deal Me In R
DJ Mehdi Footprints (Dub) Blue Note Revisited Reworking a Wayne Shorter tune. C
Routineers The Insolence Of Cowardice S/T Members of Discount, Antimony & Beauty Pill. *
The Hentchmen Perpetuate The Continuance FormFollowsFunction Detroit band's seventh album. *
Pork Queen Without Your Withinsides Sidereal Rest C
Lateef & The Chief: Maroons Ambush Ambush Lateef of Latryx & Chief Xcel from Blackalicious. Dig. *
Band Of Susans Hope Against Hope The Peel Sessions Recorded 10/4/88. With Page Hamilton on guitar.
The Law What Did Santa Claus Bring You For Christmas The My Pal God Holiday Record Two days and counting. See you Friday... C