Classical Discoveries Goes Avant-Garde

with Marvin Rosen

A Visit with Cuban Composer, Tania Leon

Composer Piece Ensemble/
Conductor Soloist/
Leon, Tania Bata Foundation Philharmonic Orchestra, David snell, conductor Atma - 10:30
Leon, Tania De Memorias Mexico City Woodwind Quintet Urtext - 10:48
Leon, Tania A La Par Kathleen Murray, Piano, Dane Richardson, Percussion CRI - 11:08
Leon, Tania Abanico Airi Yoshioka, Violin Albany Records - 11:41
Leon, Tania Horizons NDR Sinphonie Orchester, Peter Ruzicka, Conductor Bridge Records - 12:02
Leon, Tania Inura (Opening 4 sections) Son Sonora Voices, Son Sonora Ensemble, DanceBrazil Percussion Albany Records - 12:22
Leon, Tania Interlude to Scene 11, Scene 11, Scene 12 from Scrouge of Hyacinths Orchestra of the Swiss Romande Tania Leon, Conductor Private - 12:48