Classical Discoveries

with Marvin Rosen

Goes Avant-Garde

Composer Piece Ensemble/
Conductor Soloist/
Castellano, Jennifer Marvin Goes Avant-Garde (1st Section) Musique concrete Private 18:00
Scelsi, Giacinto Hymnos The Carnegie Mellon Philharmonic, Juan Pablo Izquierdo, Conductor Mode - 18:02
Scott, Stephen Windmere Racing from "The Deep spaces" The Bowed Piano Ensemble. Victoria Hansen, Soprano New Albion - 18:14
Ter Veldhuis, Jacob The Laws of Silence Tape Piece Bvhaast - 18:20
Reich, Steve Clapping Music Russ Hartenberger & Steve Reich, Clappers Elektra/Nonesuch 18:27
Muskal, Tamar Mar de Leche Maya Beiser, Cello, Etty Ben Zaken, Voice, Bassam Saba, Oud, Shane Shanahan and Jamey Haddad, Percussion Innova - 18:33
Moran, Robert For Organ Karl-Erik Wellin, Organ MAP of Sweden - 18:49
Castellano, Jennifer Squawk Rock Musique concrete - Sunny and Nikki Castellano, Parrots Private 18:58
Satoh, Somei Litania for 2 Pianos with digital Delay Margaret Leng Tan, Pianos New Albion - 19:01
El-Dabh, Halim Meditation in White Sound Electronic Halim El-Dabh Music - 19:15
Bielawa, Lisa A Collective Cleansing Lisa Bielawa, Voice Tzadik - 19:23
Baranauskas, Marius Talking Lithuanian National Symphony Orchestra, Robertas Servenikas, Conductor Lithuanian Music Information and Publishing Centre - 19:35
Roumain, Daniel Bernard Hip-Hop Studies and Etudes - Jade Simmons, Piano E1 Music - 19:48