Classical Discoveries

with Marvin Rosen

Goes Avant-Garde

Composer Piece Ensemble/
Conductor Soloist/
The Vegetable Orchestra Scoville The Vegetable Orchestra Rough Trade 10:00
Bell, Elizabeth Spectra The North/South Chamber Orchestra, Max Lifchitz, Conductor North/South - 10:05
Borisova-Ollas, Victoria Roosters in Love Rascher Saxophone Quartet Phono Suecia - 10:25
Brown, Earle November 1952 Ron Kuivila, Pianos Tzadik - 10:40
Hovda, Eleanor Leaning Into and Away Music Viva, Richard Pittman, Conductor OO Disc - 10:45
Terterian, Avet Symphony No. 2 Karo Chalikian, Voice, Chorus of Choir Society of Armenia, State Symphony Orchestra of Armenia, David Khandjian, Conductor Vahan Atyan - 11:00
Kagel, Mauricio Pan Dietmar Wiesner, Piccolo, Arditti String Quartet Auvidis - 11:20
Baird, Tadeusz Scene for Cello and Harp With Orchestra Helga Storck, Harp, Klaus Storck, Cello, Polish Radio National Symphony Orchestra, Katowice, Wojciech Michniewski, conductor Olympia - 11:27
Donato, Dominic Slip Dominic Donato, Large Amplified Paistee Symphonic Gong and Electrix Repeater Capstone - 11:47
Vrebalov, Aleksandra ...hold me, neighbor, in this storm... Kronos Quartet Nonesuch - 12:00
Segerstam, Leif Impressions of Nordic Nature No. 4 Finnish Radio Symphony Orchestra, Leif Segerstam, Conductor Ondine - 12:25
Cory, Eleanor Pas de Quatre The New York Camerata Soundspells Productions - 12:43
Jarvis, Peter Metallic Music - A Serenade for Six Gongs Dominic Donato Gongs Capstone - 12:56