with Jon Solomon

Wednesday, September 29, 2010
19:00 to 22:00
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Artist Song Album Comments New Request Comp
The Rub The Death Of Pop Bikini Gospel
Subverts Can't Control Myself Independent Study
King Hannibal Rerun The Sound Of Funk Vol. 6 C
Crocodiles Billy Speed Sleep Forever *
Ein Heit Limelight 45 Rush cover.
Clinic Lion Tamer Bubblegum *
Seam Two Is Enough Are You Driving Me Crazy? Congratulations, Chris!
Nobunny Gone For Good First Blood *
Naked Raygun I Lie Basement Screams For the show's youngest listener. R
Boys Life All Of The Negatives Departures & Landfalls
Abe Vigoda November Crush *
Pell Mell Bring On The China Flow
Silver Abuse Cuban Homo Farm / Plastic Rows Fall From Grace
Anibal Velasquez y Su Conjuto Que Paso Analog Africa No 7: Mambo Loco *
The Homosexuals Neutron Lover The Homosexuals' Cd
A-Frames Togetherness 333 2002 demo. * R
Time Of Orchids Crib Tinge To Callow Namesake Caution
Trans Am Triangular Pyramid Sex Change R
Urge Overkill Last Train To Heaven Jesus Urge Superstar
Archie Shepp Cisum The New York Contemporary Five 1963. Don Cherry composition. *
Rodan Tooth Fairy Retribution Manifesto Rusty
999 Emergency S/T R
Thee Speaking Canaries Excellent Poker Player The Joy Of Wine
A.P.B. All Your Life With Me D-I-Y Do It Yourself C
Purling Hiss Limerence / Space Roots Hissteria Forthcoming.
Shades Apart Dude Danger Dude Danger R
ONO Aloe Cramps Ennui
Disco Inferno Glancing Away Does The Word "Duh" Mean Anything To You? C
Savage Beliefs What's Left In The Fridge? The Moral Efficiency Of Savage Beliefs
Prisonshake 2 Sisters The Roaring Third
Anti-Clockwise Stainless Steel Artificial Light
The Mentally Ill Padded Cell Gacy's Place
Black Mayonnaise Radiation Dissi Pative Structure
Benoit Pioulard RTO Lasted Forthcoming. *