with Jon Solomon

Wednesday, September 15, 2010
19:00 to 22:00
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Artist Song Album Comments New Request Comp
The Rub The Death Of Pop Bikini Gospel
Lefty's Deceiver Masse Is Never Luck 45:00 Happy birthday, Andy!
Asiko Rock Group Everybody Get Down S/T 1976. Nigerian funk.
Les Savy Fav Clean Spirits Root For Ruin *
Negative Element Anti-Pac Man You Weren't There C
Fey Gods Bury Me Standing 45 *
Gildon Works Exit Either Artful Rifle Local.
Volcano Suns Openings 45
Nasdat Rebel Bounty Demo
Death Culture At Sea Field High & Burning (Rx) mp3 Members of Bedhead, Saturnine & The New Year.
The People's Temple Make You Understand 45 *
Da! White Castles 45
The Hanatarash & His Eve Bom Bom Rider 7" Happy belated Rosh Hashanatrash!
Shorty Hot For Teacher 45 Van Halen cover.
The Buzzcocks Fast Cars Another Music In A Different Kitchen As heard in last night's episode of "This Is England '86."
Tre Orsi Live on WPRB 23:09
The Effigies Below The Drop Haunted Town
Montagna & The Mouth To Mouth Washed Out L'avenir Local. *
Shape DENTER Immortal Portal Novice Demo'o Mountain High dudes.
Developer Finally Home Project 52
Speed The Plow The River Will mp3
Robert Scott Daylight Ends Run Together He of The Bats.
The Fix No Idols At The Speed Of Twisted Thought...
Pink Skull Bubblelog Aftermath Zeppelin 3 Live on next week's show!
The Way-Outs Surf Combat Demo Pre-Naked Raygun.
Roxy Jones Chantal Goya 45
Planeta Imaginario Biomasa Biomasa Spanish prog/jazz. *
Johnboy New Jersey Roadbase Pistolswing R
Spain Phone Machine 7"
Strike Under Elephant's Graveyard Immediate Action
Pegboy Method Three-Chord Monte