with Jon Solomon

Wednesday, October 13, 2004
19:00 to 22:00
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Artist Song Album Comments New Comp
The Rub The Death Of Pop Bikini Gospel The theme song you know and love.
Blood Brothers Trash Flavored Trash Crimes *
Willie & The Mighty Magnificents Funky 8 Corners On Scene '70 Vocal mix.
N. Lannon The Catch Chemical Friends On tour this month with Bitter, Bitter Weeks.
Prosaics Tenants Aghast Agape This band is ex-Tel Aviv. Hurrah. *
Bob Newhart Nobody Will Every Play Baseball The Button Down Mind Of Bob Newhart I lost part of my voice last night in Yankee Stadium. If you have seen it please call 609.258.1033.
Kepone Loud Ugly Dance
Les Hell On Heels Hell On Heels S/T Foxes from Phoenix. *
Pterodactyl Friday, During The Day Friday, During The Day *
Whimzee A Special Message From Whimzee Flexi-single She of the Moon Dreamers series of toys. Creepy.
Cyro Baptista La-Bas C'est Naturel Great Jewish Music: Serge Gainsbourg An entire album of John Zorn's friends covering French pop songs.
Hatebreed Straight To Your Face The Rise Of Brutality Inspired by Agnostic Front and Madball. So very silly (though not on purpose).
Los Amigos Invisibles Pelando Quincy Jones & Bill Cosby - The New Mixes Vol. 1 Hikky Burr. *
The Kowalskis Joey's Song Jane Magazine Reader Produced Cd About Joey Ramone.
Bloodthirsty Lovers The Mods Go Mad The Delicate Seam Second album from former Grifter Dave Shouse. A huge improvement after the band's lackluster debut. *
Electrelane Live on WPRB 31:43
Shotgun Monday Coming Down Death Mask Demo.
Iron & Wine Loud As Hope Connect Rarities Vol. 1 Previously unreleased. *
Couch Of Eureka I Got The Boom Year Of The Zombie
??? ??? Master Thy Trumpet Is Ringing Let's hear it for interesting songs on unlabled Cdrs!
Handsome Boy Modeling School A Day In The Life The Fall Collection For The Discrerning Listener Featuring The Rza, Omar & Cedric from Mars Volta and AG. Leave it to the rockers to bring a potentially amazing song down a notch. *
The Abodox Hulk Rulz New Knife Of The Berserker Demo.
Dan Sartain This Is How They Beat You Down 45 *
Sympathizers Our Meterologist, Tom Verlaine (Power Failure Dub) mp3 Live next week on this radio show.
Young MC Fastest Rhyme/My Name Is Young Stone Cold Rhymin' Shockingly good.
The Jabbers I'm A Mess American Standard G.G. Allin's original backing band. *
Les Kinsolving Red Eyes Cdr
The Warm Ones Bacteriostatic Eightysevenwest C
Rufus Thomas Sixty Minute Man mp3
Richard Buckner As The Waves Will Always Roll Dents & Shells *
The A-Sides Sidewalk Chalk mp3 From their forthcoming album.
Wolf Eyes Black Vomit Buried Mind I hope this is a tribute to the Mercer County punk band, but I doubt it. *