Classical Discoveries

with Marvin Rosen

Goes Avant-Garde

Composer Piece Ensemble/
Conductor Soloist/
Prokofiev, Gabriel Tough Moves Genia, Piano Nonclassical - For more information please go to 11:03
Adams, John Luther Dark Waves Stephen Drury and Yukiko Takagi, Pianos Cold Blue Music - 11:09
Riegger, Wallingford Music for Brass Choir Alumnai of the National Orchestra Association and The American Brass Quintet, John Barnett, Conductor CRI - 11:24
Machover, Todd Flora for Computer-Generated Tape Based on Voice of Karol Bennett Bridge Records - 11:34
Moran, Robert Fortress Playground Ensemble, Conrad Kehn, conductor Private Recording of premiere on April 8, 2010 11:40
Kasparov, Yuri Silencium, Chamber Symphony for 14 Performers Ensemble of the Association for Contemporary Music of Moscow, Alexey Vinogradov, conductor Le Chant du Monde - 11:52
Kanno, Yoshihiro Spring from "The Four Seasons in Resonance" Tomoyuki Okada Percussion Ensemble Denon - 12:04
Hovda, Eleanor Spring Music with Wind Jed Distler, Piano CRI - 12:15
Saunders, Rebecca Quartet for Accordion, Clarinet, Double Bass and Piano MusikFabrik Kairos - 12:24
Partch, Harry Potion Scene Meredith Borden, Voice, Anastasia Solberg, Viola American Festival of Microtonal Music - 12:40
Pousseur, Henri Forges from Trois Visages de Liege Elelctronic Sony Music - 12:51