Classical Discoveries

with Marvin Rosen

A Visit With Lukas Ligeti

Composer Piece Ensemble/
Conductor Soloist/
Ligeti, Lukas Stories of the Unknown Lukas Ligeti Electronic Percussion, Electronics Tzadik - For more information please go to 11:00
Ligeti, Lukas Balafon Dance System Lukas Ligeti, Percussion Tzadik - 11:16
Ligeti, Lukas Great Circle's Tune II Lukas Ligeti, Electronic Percussion, Electronics Tzadik - 11:24
Ligeti, Lukas Pattern Transformation Amadina Percussion Group Tzadik - 11:34
Ligeti, Lukas Delta Space Kathlleen Supove, Piano Tzadik - 11:53
Ligeti, Lukas The Chinese Wall ORF Symphonieorchester, H.K. Gruber, Conductor ORF - 12:15
Ligeti, Lukas Baseball Dream Donna Ellen, Soprano, Luen Liang, Piano Kulturland 12:28
Ligeti, Lukas Threnody Jay Gottlieb, Piano Signature - 12:41
Ligeti, Lukas Village Dans 8 Pays Beta Foly Intuition - 12:48
Ligeti, Lukas Sankar Yaare Burkina Electric Cantaloupe Music - 12:57