Classical Discoveries

with Marvin Rosen

Goes Avant-Garde

Composer Piece Ensemble/
Conductor Soloist/
Cage, John The Wonderful Widow of Eighteen Springs Arline Carmen, Contralto, John Cage, Closed Piano Wergo - 11:00 For more information please go to www.classical
Parris, Robert Concerto for Trombone Roman Siwek, Trombone, The Polish National Radio Orchestra, Ldzistan Szostak, Conductor CRI - 11:04
McLean, Priscilla Night Images Electronic CRI - 11:24
Zorn, John Cat O'Nine Tails The Zorn Quartet Tzadik - 11:31
Gaburo, Kenneth Mouth Piece:Sextet for Solo Trumpet Jack Logan, Trumpet New World Records 11:45
Antheil, George Third Sonata, "Death of Machines" Benedikt Koehlen, Piano Col Legno - 11:51
Brown, Earle December 1952 (from Folio '52-'53) Paris Radio Orchestra, Earle Brown, conductor Earle Brown - 11:54
Sciarrino, Salvatore "Quante isole!" from 12 Madrigals Neue Vocalsolisten Stuttgart Col Legno 12:04
Hespos, Hans Joachim SNs Friedemann Herz, Organ Aulos - 12:09
Nordheim, Arne Spur Mogens Ellegaard, Accordion, Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, Per Dreier, Conductor Victoria - 12:18
Kim, Hi Kyung Breakiing the Silence Speculum Musicae Centaur - 12:42
Cage, John Music for Carillon No. 1 David Tudor, Carillon Wergo - 12:55