with Jon Solomon

2009 Membership Drive Preview!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009
19:00 to 22:00
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Artist Song Album Comments New
The Rub The Death Of Pop Bikini Gospel
Obits SUD I Blame You Live on WPRB - Wed. 10/7/09.
Danielson Cast It At The Setting Sail Ships Live on WPRB - Wed. 10/7/09.
Jennifer O'Connor I'll Bring You Home Over The Mountain, Across The Valley & Back To The Stars Live on WPRB - Wed. 10/7/09.
Caterpillar Bus 6 45 Live on WPRB - Wed. 10/7/09.
Caterpillar 4004 Eleutherian Mill Live on WPRB - Wed. 10/7/09. *
The Spinto Band Summer Grof Moonwink Live on WPRB - Wed. 10/7/09.
Screaming Females Bell Power Move Live on WPRB - Wed. 10/7/09.
Pierced Arrows Guns Of Thunder Straight To The Heart Live on WPRB - Mon. 10/12/09.
Sian Alice Group Way Down To Heaven 59.59 Live on WPRB - Thu. 10/8/09.
Niagara Falls Sequence Of Prophets part 1 Sequence Of Prophets Live on WPRB - Wed. 10/14/09.
US Girls Me & Yoko 45 Live on WPRB - Tue. 10/13/09.
Blues Control On Through The Night Local Flavor Live on WPRB - Mon. 10/12/09.
Brown Recluse Raining Blood (Slayer) 2008 Membership Drive Live on WPRB - Fri. 10/9/09.
Kurt Vile For Awhile (The Feelies) 2008 Membership Drive Live on WPRB - Mon. 10/12/09.
Jennifer O'Connor Achin' To Be (Replacements) 2007 Membership Drive Have a song you want JO'C to cover for this year's drive?
Jennifer O'Connor Bobby, King Of Boystown (Cass McCombs) 2007 Membership Drive Well, email me your request!
Jennifer O'Connor Half Dead (Mountain Goats) 2008 Membership Drive I'll pass it on to her.
Jennifer O'Connor Stockholm Syndrome (Yo La Tengo) 2007 Membership Drive For a $103.30 pledge to WPRB you'll get some sweet station swag *and* your cover (hopefully) played by Ms. O'Connor.
Jennifer O'Connor The Death Of Pop (The Rub) 2007 Membership Drive The more lead time, the better.
Jennifer O'Connor She Said, She Said (The Beatles) 2007 Membership Drive She has to learn how to play these songs by next Wednesday, after all.
Jennifer O'Connor I Don't Want To Get Over You (Magnetic Fields) 2008 Membership Drive
Jennifer O'Connor Speed Trials (Elliott Smith) 2007 Membership Drive
Jennifer O'Connor Brassneck (The Wedding Present) 2008 Membership Drive
Sonny Rollins East Broadway Run Down East Broadway Run Down Dan Buskirk interviews Sonny Rollins on Mon. 10/12/09.
Home Blitz Live on WPRB 2008 Membership Drive
The War On Drugs Wagonwheel Blues 2008 Membership Drive
Adam Arcuragi Showdown (ELO) 2007 Membership Drive
Oxford Collapse The Boys Go Home / You Shook Me All Night Long (AC/DC) 2008 Membership Drive