Classical Discoveries

with Marvin Rosen

Sunday Morning Opera

Composer Piece Ensemble/
Conductor Soloist/
Quincy, George - Opening from Pocahontas - The Queen's Chamber Band, Elaine Comparone, Conductor - Lyrichord - For more information please go to - 6:00
Torrejon y Velasco, Tomas de - La Purpura de la Rosa - Ellen Hargis, Judith Malafronte, Johanna Alark, Maria del Mar Fernandez Doval, Paivo Jarvio, Gloria Banditelli, The Harp Consort, Andrew Lawrence King, conductor - Deutsche harmonia mundi 0 6:08
DeMars, James - Guadalupe, Our Lady of the Roses - Isola Jones, Robert Breault, Carole Fitzpatrick, Robert Barefield, Father Jorge Rodriguez Eagar, R, Carlos Nakai, Nativa American Flute, The Guadaloupe Festival Orchestra & Chorus, James DeMars - Canyon Records - 8:40