with Jon Solomon

Wednesday, August 26, 2009
19:00 to 22:00
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Artist Song Album Comments New Comp
The Rub The Death Of Pop Bikini Gospel
The Spits Rip Up The Streets S/T *
X-Clan Grand Verbalizer (clean) mp3
Polvo Dream Residue/Work In Prism *
The Daktaris Voodoo Soul Stew Soul Explosion
Finally Punk Henry Casual Goths *
James Brown Super Bad - Disco Rap Sex Machine
The Units Warm Moving Bodies History Of The Units "The Early Years: 1977-1983." *
Jay Reatard Wounded Watch Me Fall *
The Novenas Search Engine S/T Happy Birthday, Amy!
The Clean All Those Notes Mister Pop *
Blatant Dissent My Hands Are Tied Hold The Fat Recently reunited.
Pinhead Gunpowder Find My Place Kick Over The Traces Greatest hits record. *
Roxanne Shante Wack Itt In Control, Volume 1 Dr. Shante, PHD!
Soul Side Problems Faced When Traveling Soon-Come-Happy
Eddy Current Suppression Ring It's All Square S/T
BC Camplight Your Daddy Is A Little Girl mp3 Download at!
The Entrance Band Grim Reaper Blues (Pt. 2) S/T *
Charlie Palmieri Either You Have It Or You Don't El Bario: Gangsters, Latin Soul & The Birth Of Salsa 1967-75 C
Suffacox Snake River mp3 RIP Wayne Hamilton.
Jean Mpia Tika Koseka The World Is Shaking: Cubanismo From The Congo, 1954-55 * C
New Bomb Turks So Long, Silver Lining WFMU Presents: The Free Music Archive Sampler Vol. 1 C
Tanks March Of The Slugs Homework #102 San Francisco, 1981. C
She Trinity Climb That Tree Destroy That Boy: More Girls With Guitars * C
Breather Miami/Dank Ashes Loves & Disloves
Miss Violetta Beauregarde The Man Who Shot At The Squirrels (A Tribute To Glenn Benton) Odi Profanum Vulgus Et Arceo
Run-D.M.C. Hollis Queens 12"
Girls Hellhole Ratrace 10 *
Cub It's True Betti-Cola
Brother J.T. & Vibrolux Comet Music For The Other Head RIP Wayne Hamilton.
Naomi Shelton (featuring Cliff Driver) Wind Your Clock 45 *
Steve Lacey Let's Call This Reflections: Steve Lacey Plays Thelonious Monk
Stuart Dahlquist New World Order Rising Esopus Number Eleven: Advice C