Top Ten Show

with Jon Solomon

Friday, July 30, 2004
18:00 to 19:00
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Artist Song Album Comments
A Certain Ratio Back To The Start To Each... #10. Reissue of this Manchester group's 1981 debut.
Mojave 3 Starlight No. 1 Spoon & Rafter #09. Fourth album by former members of Slowdive.
Battles Tras Tras #08. The second in a series of three Eps.
The Velvet Teen Track 2 Elysium #07. From Santa Rosa, CA.
Matt Pond PA Closest (Look Out) Emblems #06. Playing tonight at Maxwell's. See you there?
Village Of Savoonga A Fair Share 14-09-01 (Live) #05. The project of Markus & Michae Acher of The Notwist.
The Homosexuals My Night Out Astral Glamour #04. Orignally on the band's Surrey Sound cassette.
The Helio Sequence Harmonica Song Love & Distance #03. The Northwest's secret answer to Pinback."
Rogue Wave Every Moment Out Of The Shadow #02. Because Sub Pop can only put out one Shins record a year...
Icy Demons Icy Demons ...Fight Back #01. Members of Babilcon & Need New Body.