with Jon Solomon

Wednesday, September 24, 2008
19:00 to 22:00
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Artist Song Album Comments New Request Comp
The Rub The Death Of Pop Bikini Gospel
The Dials Sick Times Flex Time
Bronx River Parkway Para Los Rumberos San Sebastian 152 *
The Big Sleep Undying Love Sleep Forever
Indian Jewelry Too Much Honkytonking "Free Gold!" *
Sola Beautiful Teeth The Bottom
Rev. A.W. Nix Black Diamond Express To Hell Goodbye, Babylon
Oxford Collapse B-Roll Bits Live on WPRB one week from tonight! *
The War On Drugs Show Me The Coast Wagonwheel Blues Live on WPRB - Monday, October 6th!
Gang Earthquake It Cdr *
Ben Wah Torpedos Debbie's Like London Hyped To Death #5 1981. C
C-Rayz Walz & Kosha Dillz Freestyle Vs. Written Freestyle Vs. Written *
Dial Jungle S/T Ex-Ut!
DJ Scotch Egg WWWWW/Scotch Grind Drumized
Jennifer O'Connor Here With Me Here With Me Live on WPRB one week from tonight playing covers for pledges! *
Alrn Sex War Homework #9 1979. C
Afrika Bambaataa & Soul Sonic Force Renegades Chant Renegades Of Funk 12"
Landed Hit The Land How Will It Take *
Marva Whitney, Lyn Collins & James Brown Things Got To Get Better (Get Together) Nothing But Funk vol. 3 1968. C
MIJ Grok (Martian Love Call) Yodeling Astrologer *
The Wedding Present Corduroy 3 Songs Good request. R
Titmachine We Build A New City 45 Palais Schaumburg cover! *
Kurt Vile Freeway Constant Hitmaker Live on WPRB - Monday, October 6th!
Shit & Shine The Germans Call It A Swimming Head Kuss Mich, Meine Liebe *
Warmth Brain In The Leave Your Wet Brain In The Hot Sun
Hank IV My Anger Refuge In Genre *
Brown Recluse Sings Western Meadowlark Live On WPRB Live on WPRB one week from tonight!
Far Corner Do You Think I'm Spooky Endangered
King Khan & The Shrines Burnin' Inside The Supreme Genius Of King Khan & The Shrines *
White+Outs Lotto Maybe Chicago? C
The Checkmates Disco Groove Calypsoul 70 * C
Frank Boscoe & Karl Hendricks Song For Tim & Alex The Long Secret C
Charles Manson Look At Your Game, Girl Sings 1967. *
Chris Knox Not Given Lightly Topless Women Talk About Their Lives C
The Sahara All Stars Take Your Soul Nigeria Disco Funk Special * C