Classical Discoveries

with Marvin Rosen

Viva America

Composer Piece Ensemble/
Conductor Soloist/
Walter Piston - Symphony No. 1 - The Louisville Orchestra, Jorge Mester, Conductor - Albany Records - For more information please go to
Clint Needham - Brass Quintet No. 1, "Circus" - The American Brass Quintet - Summit Records -
William Billings - Who is This that Cometh from Edom - His Majestie's Clerkes, Paul Hillier, Conductor - Harmonia mundi -
Douglas Moore - Quintet for Clarinet and Strings - Naomi Drucker, Clarinet, Eriko Sato and Deborah Wong, Violins, Lois Martin, Viola, Chris Finkel, Cello - Elysium Recordings -
Richard Donovan - New England Chronicle - Eastman-Rochester Orchestra, Howard Hanson, Conductor - Mercury (LP) -
Diane Thome - Three Psalms - University of Washington Chorale, Joan Catoni Conlon, Conductor, Jeffrey Francis, Tenor, Wendy Wilhelmi, Flute, Jennifer Hillacker, Violin, Jonathan Graber, Viola, Brian Schuldt, Violoncello Capstone Records -
Lukas Foss - Salomon Rossi Suite - Brooklyn Philharmonic, Lukas Foss, Conductor - New World Records -
William Presser - Fantasy on the Hymn Tune "The Mouldering Vine" - Robin Dauer, Horn, Dennis Hay, Piano - Mark -
Elliott Carter - Heart not so Heavy as Mine - The Esoterics, Eric Banks, conductor - Terpsichore Records -
Kent Kennan - Three Pieces for Orchestra - Eastman-Rochester Orchestra, Howard Hanson, Conductor - Mercury Living Presence -
John Cage - Suite for Toy Piano (Version for piano) - Joshua Pierce, Piano - Wergo -
Julia Wolfe- East Broadway for Top Piano and Toy Boom Box - Margaret Leng Tan, Toy Piano - Point Music -
Paul Creston - Corinthians: XIII, Op. 82 - The Louisville Orchestra, Robert Whitney, Conductor - Albany Records -
Elisha West - Evening Hymn (The day is past and gone) - His Majesties Clerkes, Paul Hillier, Conductor - Harmonia mundi -
David Chesky - Concerto for Piano and Orchestra - Love Derwinger, Piano, The Symphony Orchestra of the Norrlands Opera, Rossen Gergov, conductor - Chesky Records -
Tom Scott - Binorie Variations - The Vienna Orchestra, F. Charles Adler, Conductor - CRI (LP) -
Patmore Lewis - Elemental Flow - Patmore Lewis, Violin, Gerald Massoud, Bass, Michael Vercelli, Percussion, Richard Katz and Heather Deaver, Keyboards, Moly Holleran, Soprano, Jay Kuh, Baritone - YouGlobal Entertainment -
Attr. Benjamin Franklin - String Quartet - The Kohon Quartet - Vox Box -
Robert Moran - de enstunde ein Engel - Chrismos Vocal Ensemble, Grassauer Blasserensemble, Alexander Hermann, Conductor - Private -
Alan Hovhaness - Symphony No. 59 - Bellevue Philharmonic Orchestra, R. Joseph Scott, Conductor - Fujihara (LP) -
Meredith Monk - Particular Dance - Vocal Ensemble (plus performers on various instruments), Meredith Monk Conductor ECM New Series -
Tina Davidson - Paper, Glass, String & Wood (triple string quartet) - Cassatt String Quartet - Albany Records -
William Hawley - "Vita de la Mia Vita" from Seven Madrigals - Chanticleer, Joseph Jennings, Conductor - Chanticleer Records -
Jeff Morris - Rain - Gamelan Pacifica - O.O. Discs -