Classical Discoveries

with Marvin Rosen

In Memory of Henry Brant, Pioneer of Spatial Music

Composer Piece Ensemble/
Conductor Soloist/
Henry Brant - Music for a Five and Dime - Henry Brant, Piano - AmCam Recordings - For more information please go to
Henry Brant - Inside Track - Yvar Mikhashoff, Solo Piano, Barbara Hennigan, Soprano, Henry Brant and Robert Aitken, Conductor - Innova -
Henry Brant - The 3-Way Canon Blues - New Amsterdam Singers, Clara Longstreth, Music Director - Albany Records -
Henry Brant - Symphony No. 1 - American Recording Society Orchestra, Hans Swarowsky, Conductor - American Recordings Society (LP) -
Henry Brant - Jazz Toccata on a Bach Theme (Toccata on "Wachet Auf") - Henry Brant and Gerrit Hommerson, Pianos - Innova -
Henry Brant - Kingdom Come - Oakland Symphony Orchestra, Gerhard Samuel, Conductor, Oakland Youth Orchestra, Robert Hughes, Conducting Phoenix -
Henry Brant - Mass in Gregorian Chant for Multiple Flutes (Mass for June 16) - Flute Choir Conducted by Robert Aitken - New World Records -
Henry Brant - Nomads - Oberlin Wind Ensemble and Brass Ensemble, Henry Brant, Conductor, Steve Fallon, Voice, Dave Dimmock, Szxophone, Adam Rudolph, Drumset - Innova -
Henry Brant - Two Conclusions - Henry Brant, Piano - AmCam Recordings -
Henry Brant - Consort For True Violins - The Hutchins Consort - Recording to be released later this year -
Henry Brant - Jazz Clarinet Concerto - Jacques Meertens, Clarinet, Netherlands Wind Ensemble, Werner Herbers, Conductor - Innova -
Henry Brant - Orbits - Bay Bones Trombone Choir, Henry Brant, Organ, Amy Snyder, Voice, Gerhard Samuel, Conductor - CRI -
Henry Brant - Wind, Water, Clouds & Fire - Present Music, Kevin Stalheim, Conductor - Innova -
Henry Brant - A Concord Symphony (The Alcotts and Thoreau Movements) - ` Royal Concertbebouw Orchestra, Dennis Russell Davies, Conductor - Innova -
Henry Brant - Pathways to Security (Ambulant Spatial Cantata) - Michael Ingham, Baritone, The Boston Musica Viva, Richard Pittman, Conductor - Newport Classics -
Henry Brant - Hommage aux Freres Marx - The Boston Musica Viva, Richard Pittman, Conductor - Newport Classics -