with Jon Solomon

Wednesday, June 30, 2004
19:00 to 22:00
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Artist Song Album Comments New Request Comp
The Rub The Death Of Pop Bikini Gospel The theme song you know and love.
The Orphans Save Me From Me Everybody Loves You When You're Dead *
Beti Kamanga Dale Wangu Ukamunyenga Masotho Northern & Central Malawi Blind singer's field recording from 1950. He sounds like he invented rock & roll. C
Crungehouse Chocolate Love Groove 45
Part Chimp Chimp Happy? Chart Pimp This was loud. *
The Lies Drunken Affectionate Underdogs & Infidels
Dungen Horizon Who Will Buy These Wonderful Evils? Swedish.
Joel RL Phelps & The Downer Trio Kelly Grand Forks Customs He's still the best. *
The Put-Downs Resolution No Worse Off Beaumont, TX's finest. *
Sonic Liberation Front Uplink Water & Stone
Crown Heights Dear Sir 45 Ex-Sorry.
Anodyne Arctor Lifetime Of Grey Skies *
Rhino 39 Prolinxin Stomp Dangerhouse Vol. 1 C
Hella It's-Go-In 45
DEK World Domination Boner Teenage Seattle punk. *
The Pagans Dead End America Everybody Hates You R
Br. Danielson Daughters Will Tune You Brother:Son *
Chrome Armageddon 3rd From The Sun
Phil Upchurch The Way I Feel Chicago Soul * C
Sewergrooves Whole Again Three Time Losers Swedish.
Crawlspace Solitude Smokestack 45
Frederick McQueen God Locked The Lion's Jaw The Real Bahamas In Music & Song C
The Cheepskates Drive In Movie Run Better Run
Jonathan Richman My Baby Love Love Loves Me Not So Much To Be Loved As To Love * R
ElectroPutas Piano Blooms 12"
??? Likhuba Drums II Southern & Central Malawi Nine drums. C
Luxo Champ Mator Dolores The Necessary Effect C
Dos Heartbeat Numero Dos Mike Watt & Kira. Bass duets.
Horace Silver Song For My Father Untinted - Shades Of Blue Source material for Madlib's remix album of Blue Note recordings. C
Die Hunns I Got Your Number Long Legs Undertones cover. *
Jerry's Kids Uncontrollable This Is Boston, Not LA C
Crown Roast Vertavich 45
Helen Love Riding Hi Hang 10...Volume One C
Shadow Huntaz Vampire Vampire *
The Sinister Six Bad Attitude Watch For Me Girl A Tribute to DMZ.
??? Mal'Yoo-Yooy Kanyok and Luba 1950s field recordings from the southern Belgian Congo. C
PFFR Party Ice United We Doth Samples The Shaggs!
The Fiction Bad For Glass I Told Her That I Like Living In A Box *
Overlord Stillbornagain The World Takes
Third Bass The Gas Face 12" Radio mix.
The Lewd Love For Hate Lewd Conduct In A Public Place "Live" at the Mabuhay. March 1st, 1980.
The Piranhas Isolation (enormo) Babyhead * C
The Heartbreakers Milk Me Live at Max's Kansas City 1979.