with Jon Solomon

Wednesday, June 16, 2004
19:00 to 22:00
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Artist Song Album Comments New Request Comp
The Rub The Death of Pop Bikini Gospel The theme song you know and love.
Nils Scratches & Needles Someone's Gonna Get Their Head To Belive In Something C
Nina Nastasia The Long Walk Dogs Reissue of 1999 debut. *
Daniel Ponce Solo Para Ti New York Now!
Chromelodeon Wily's Castle In The Year 20XX...
Mahi Mahi He Won't Give Up He No Wa Providence represent. *
T.C. Matic The Parrot Brigade S/T
Rein Sanction F-Train Broc's Cabin
Shale Convalescence Lie
Eric B & Rakim Move The Crowd 12" Wild Bunch remix. R
Need New Body Hot Shot UFO R
The Dirtbombs Lost Love Split 45 with Adult. Thank you Pistons! *
Ray Charles Lonely Avenue His All-Time Great Performances RIP
Garcons French Boy Mutant Disco C
Turn Me On Dead Man Apocalypse Rock God Bless The Electric Freak *
Decahedron Lt. Col. Questions Himself Disconnection Imminent Two former members of Frodus, plus Joe Lally from Fugazi on bass. *
Sweet & Honey Badstone 12"
The Faux Instrumental S/T Kirsten from The Faux died last week. Tragic news.
The Trouble With Sweeney Evelyn Rochman Fishtown Briefcase *
Errol Dunkley Please Stop Your Lying Explosive Rocksteady
The Quick Fix Kills My Scabs Look Like Art Saint Something R
B.G.K. Arms Race A Dutch Feast
James Joyce Eolian Episode (From "Ulysses") The Complete Recordings Recorded in 1924. Happy Bloomsday.
Quincy Jones & Bill Cosby Hikky-Burr The Original Jam Sessions 1969 Theme to "The Bill Cosby Show." *
Superconductor Bush Pilot Heavy With Puppy Seven guitars. SEVEN GUITARS!
Rubber O Cement Adult Contemporary Kinderblut Phosphagens Toyo Records Presents: Science C
The Eternals Space Dancehall Rawar Style *
The Freeloaders I Want You Groin Thunder! Troggs cover.
Asshole Parade Red Tape Redefiling Music Circle Jerks cover.
Fania All-Stars Descarga Fania Live at the Cheeta Vol. 1
Rammellzee Pogo Bi-Conicals of the Rammellzee *
The Creatures Of The Golden Dawn Blood From A Stone Cdr
Stisism Mr. Slawson & The Teenage Dolls Coping With Society
Jon Langford French Quarter Hotels Found * C
Restless Few Who's The Terrorist Amish Apocalypse C
The Sultans It Meant Nothing Shipwrecked John Reis' latest band. *
Zaiko Duchesse Lyzieve Langa-Langa F.D.
You Fantastic! Friendless Homesickness
Daisuke Tobari Untitled Till The End Of The Dream Cd release of 1995 cassette. Traditional Japanese folk music.
V For Vendetta This Song Prefers To Not Be Labled Beneath This Mask Another Mask
Thackeray Rocke Bawling A Fistfull of Fuzz C