with Jon Solomon

Wednesday, May 16, 2007
19:00 to 22:00
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Artist Song Album Comments New Request Comp
The Rub The Death Of Pop Bikini Gospel
The Pope I Want A New Sport Sports *
Severin Liquid Thoughts Acid To Ashes, Rust To Dust
Dynamic Tints Package Of Love Part 1 Eccentric Soul: Twinight's Lunar Rotation 1969. * C
A Minor Forest Look At That Car...It's Full Of Balloons Inindependence R
Severed Head Of State No Love Lost No Love Lost
Fela Witchcraft '69 Los Angeles Sessions
Electrelane In Berlin No Shouts No Calls *
Part Chimp Crash The High Octive Cup *
Flux Of Pink Indians Blinded By Science Strive To Survive Causing Least Suffering Possible 1982.
Jennifer O'Connor Watching You Go 7" *
Gid Tanner & Fate Norris Goodbye Booze You Ain't Talking To Me C
Battles Rainbow Mirrored *
The Verlaines The Ballad Of Harry Noryb Hallelujah All The Way Home
Hammerlock I Love Robbing Banks Forgotten Range *
Green Milk From The Planet Orange Live on WPRB 44:10
Meatwad & Superchunk Misfits & Mistakes Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film For Theaters Colon The Soundtrack * C
Screaming Trees In The Forest Even If And Especially When R
Sun Ra Discipline 27 (Part 1) Concert For The Comet Kohoutek Reissue of a 1973 concert. *
Sonic Youth Schizophrenia Sister
Mammatus Dragon Of The Deep Part Three (Excellent Swordfight) The Coast Explodes Heavy. *
Illinois Alone Again What The Hell Do I Know? Live next week on this radio show. *
David Axelrod The Mental Traveler The Edge: David Axelrod At Capitol Records 1966-1970
TTC Quand Je Claque Des Doigts 3615 *