Playlist for The World’s Fare with Pat O

Bombay Rickey Pondicherry Surf Goddess

Salif Keita Bah Poulo

Benji Kaplan and Rita Figueiredo Zenite e Nadir

Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra White Light

Trio Tekke Tempest of the Dawn

Fra Fra Naked (you enter and leave this world with

Cheo Trasnocho Entre Semana

Divahn El Nora Alilah

CunaoQuien Sera Gnosienne?

Duman + Kechou Wessi Walking Mama

Caci Vorba Yatrika

Alex Cuba Yo No Si

Moken Hiki Mut

Bombay Dub Orchestra Songs from the Seven Towers

Paris Combo Living Room (Patchworks remix)

The Warrior Women of Afro-Peruvian Es Amador

Omar Souleyman Nahy

The Pinkertones Mais Pourquoi?

Paradise Bangkok Molam International Band Sao Sakit

The Pimps of Joytime Bonita.

Vienna Carrolll Grinnin in your face Harlem Field

Jim Self and John Chiodini Curumin – floating in winter

Architect Darling. The Alchemist

Phila Gura Straccatella

5678s woo hoo song

Pamela Z Sacred Song Monk Mix

Kids of Widney High Respect

Alice Glass Sleep It off

Baljinder Serkhon Now or Later

Yoko Ono Children Power

Efterklang Verden Forsvinder

Legendary Pink Dots Expresso Noir

Maureen Choi Canto Salamanchino

Noaccordion Allies