Playlist for The Flat Circle Radio Hour with DJ Pup, May 10, 2020

Christoph de Babalon Webs of Wraith Split A Colourful Storm
GALTFaculty Jak Pukes E B O W Human Pitch
Lewsberg From Never to Once In This House 12XU
TV dinner Education External Borders Nya Perspektiv Cudighi
Fennesz Chateau Rouge Venice Touch
Zahn Ich Bin Zornig Elsewhere Junior I – A Collection of Cosmic Children’s Songs. Music For Dreams
Macula Dog Red’s Corvette (Aftermarket Remix) Breezy Wharf Cat
Satya Sai Maitreya Kali Ice and Snow Apache Akashic
Benny Soebardja The End of the World Gimme A Piece of Gut Rock Strawberry Rain
Blithe Field Aerosol Breath Hymn For Anyone Self Release
Lotte Kaersa & Graesrodderne Prov og Gor LIgesom Jeg Jubiiilaeum Tartelet
Chicago Underground Quartet Unique Spiral Good Days Astral Spirits
R. Chavira Spiral Visions of Wholeness Self Release
Brin Reach Microdose Skyline Self Release
Jake Tobin Something to Stab Third and Fourth Thoughts Self Release
The Legendary Pink Dots Legacy (First Version) Chemical Playschool Volumes 1 & 2 Mirrordot
German Army Animals Remember Human Animals Remember Human Crash Symbols
Priscilla Ermel Americua Origens Da Luz Music From Memory
John J. Lafia Escape Prayers Trance Port Tapes
Flanafi Dividends Passing Over Boiled
The Heliocentrics Burning Wooden Ship Infinity of Now Madlib Invazion
The Serfs Persona Non Grata Sounds of Serfdom Wasted Tapes
Eniks Cave Breathe Looking Through Shattered Glass Drongo
Cienfuegos El Ultimo Circulo Fallen Angel Back Tattoo Dead Gods
Daniel Avery & Alessandro Cortini Illusion of Time Illusion of Time Phantasy Sound