Playlist for The Flat Circle Radio Hour with DJ Pup, June 18th, 2020

Soft Pine     New Song     Major 13th, Love, Snake Plant     Self Release

Andy Loebs     Line Drawing (Motion Blur)     Open New Window     Budding Note Music

Gil Scott-Heron & Makaya McCraven     New York Is Killing Me     We’re New Again     XL

Gilbert Cohen & Ariel Kalma     Tu ne Peux Pas Savoir     Head Voices

Nochexxx     Switch Countach     Plot Defender     Type

Plant Lab     Grand Hall     Plant Lab     Crash Symbols 

Metaphysical Animation     Paper People     Metaphysical Animation     Self Release 

Chris Weisman     A Certain Painting     Beatleboro     OSR 

Rolf Laureijs     Out of Timezone     Work Trance / Pilgrim State     Edipo Re

Ohbliv     Down Time     Spirit Medicine     Self Release

Don Cherry     Utopia & Visions     Organic Music Society     Caprice

Jorge Ben     Errare Humanum Est     A Tabua de Esmeralda     Philips

Julion De’Angelo & Viola Klein     N’aie pas peur (Exchange Mix)     We     Ominira

His Name Is Alive     My Thoughts Are to Thee Drawn     Return to Never (Home Recordings 1979-1986 Vol2)     Disciples

Takako Minekawa / Ippei Matsui     Anoko Yo A Ke     ‘untitled’     Self Release

Clear Path Ensemble     Future Fatigue     Clear Path Ensemble     Cosmic Compositions

Ellen Arkbro     Mountain of Air     For Organ and Bass     Subtext

Omni Trio     Rollin’ Heights (More Strings Attached Mix)     Music for the Next Millennium     Sm:)e Communication

Waaju     Listening Glasses     Grown     Olindo

Special Request     Thermatropic     Bedroom Tapes     Houndstooth

Occurian     Kettle Boils     EP     Heterodox