Playlist for SLOP with Pax, July 28th, 2020


Vacant Gardens – Waves on Waves

Lucrecia Dalt – Esotro

Algebra Suicide – An Explaination for That Flock of Crows

Grand Veymont – False tango

Grand Veymont – Bois barbu

Ela Orleans – Something Higher

Normil Hawaiians – Sianne Don’t Work in a Factory

Nurse With Wound – Thrill of Romance…?

Psychic TV – L.A.

Nite Jewel – Suburbia

Grauzone – Hinter Den Bergen

Minny Pops – Minny Pops

The Birthday Party – Mr. Clarinet

Yellow Magic Orchestra – Neue Tanz

Yellow Magic Orchestra – Pure Jam

I:O:I, Astro Chillberto – Mad. Ave Perfume Ad (Astro Chillberto Remix)

Soapkills – Herzan 

Burka Band – No Burka! (A Certain Frank Remix)

Chica and the Folder – I’ll Come Running

Tipsy – Size 178-79-55-91

Kitty Craft – Comeback Queen

Pou Vannary – You’ve Got a Friend

Les Rallizes Denudes – But I’m Different