Playlist for SLOP with Pax, July 14th, 2020


Maximum Joy – Silent Street / Silent Dub

Michele Mercure – 10,000 Cranes

Perverts Again – I Hate Him

POW! – Switchboard Scientist

Mark Cone – Hoity Toity Boy

Mark Cone – XXX

Greg Gomberg – Hi Tom

Greg Gomberg – Roll on Jefferson

Connie Converse – Sad Lady

Connie Converse – Sorrow Is My Name

Daniel Johnston – I’m Gonna Buy Me A Car

Daniel Johnston – Too Young To Die

Cindy Lee – Just for Loving You I Pay the Price

Maria Minerva – Hop Hop Gone In Spring

Yesol – Goodbye Horses

Drama – As I Breathe on the T.T.C.

Keith Leblanc – I’ll Come up with Something

Keith Leblanc – Einstein

Ponytail – Beyondersville//Flight of Fancy

Martin Rev – Secret Teardrops

Bruce Haack – Untitled #3

Moebius, Plank – News

Abdou El Omari – Zifaf Fifalda

Mamman Sani – Arman Doley

Hailu Mergia – Anchin Kfu Ayinkash