Playlist for Scratchy Vinyl with Tim, May 30th, 2020

The amourphous androgynous- elysian fields –  the isness 

Emerson lake and Palmer- hoedown – trilogy 

The amourphous androgynous – riders ( on the circadian rhythms) – the peppermint tree

lhb- olivia newton christ- tellem who we are 

mike bloomfields- steven stills – al kooper – you dont love me – super session

Springtide- northern soundscape= sounds strange, weird – but  mistakenly romantic 

Corneilius – i hate hate – point 

olivia tremor control =- collage #1 – singler and beyond 

Lemon drops – sometime ago – ( raga version) – sunshower flower power 

lemon drops – i lie in the spring time – sunshower flower power 

the accents – i want your love – northwest battle of the bands vol 3 

springtide – this summer – sounds strange, wierd but unmistakably romantic vol 2

graham bond – forbidden fruit — we put our magick on you 

air force – da da man- air force

el rego es ses commandos – se no min – African scream contest

 picoby band  d abomey  mi ma kpe djl – African scream contest 

fela kuit – gentlemen – gentlemen 

earl hooker off the hook–  live version 

canned heat – you dont have to go – boogie house tales – vol 3 

big mama thorton – black rat – withthe muddy waters blues band 1966 

buddie – vivacious crush   vivacious crush 

bleached – can you deal – can you deal ep 

pixies- gigantic – live

audacity – lock the door- live on wfmu 

orange peels – something in you – circling the sun 

helio sequesne – stracenska 621- com plex 

Brian eno – ambinet 1 music for airports