Playlist for Scratchy Vinyl with Tim K, May 9th, 2020

pink floyd empty spaces the walll
cowboy junkies – common disaster lay it down
cowboy junkies – lay it down – lay it down
alpa water gate
a shoreline dream ukraine coastal

thick mansplain – 5 years behind
destroy all monsters – bored – bored
undertones teenage kicks – undertones
suburban studs – i hate school – punk and disorderly
crawlspace – space trucking Spirit of 76
mc5 sister ann – high time
hot tuna -easy now – the phosphorescent rat
thee head coatees – bostick haze- we are thee headcoatees

jean jacques perry – you moog me- moog
guitar – house full of time – sunkissed
lush hey hey helen – gala
seerena maneesh sm backwards hear bleed philharmonic
faust a seventies event – patchwork
my vitriol – alpha waves – finelines
my bloody valentine – only shallow – loveless
quicksilver messenger service what about me- what about me
micheal murphy Geronimo Cadillac- Geronimo cadillac
spirit – it shall be – the family that plays together
quicksilver messenger service – the fool – quicksilver
brain eno -1/1 music for airports