Playlist for Scratchy Vinyl with Tim K, May 16th, 2020

plunderphonics — z-24- plunderphonics 69/96

hammock – tonight we burn like stars that never die – departure songs 

choir choir choir – space oddity – 

tribe of the city – i want you  

here -blowin spell here 

todd rundgren international feel – a wizard a true star 

nada surf- something i should do – never not together 

dismemberment plan you are invited – emergency and i 

drop nineteen – kick the tragedy- Delaware 

dismemberment plan – spider in the snow – emergency and i 

girlpool – corner store – powerplant

rubinoos rock and roll is dead and i dont care- – rubinoos

ramones – rock and roll high school – rock and roll high school 

darla- interview dazed and confused film 

bellrays revolution – red white and black

humble pie – i walk on gilded splinters – humble pie rockin the fillmore  – complete sessions

Rodriquez- cause – reality 

jim arkus – touching home – 

jim arkus – hurt

moonshine hooligans – b is for banjo – subterranean secrets 

 brian eno  ambient 1 – music for airports