Playlist for Music with Space with Mike Hunter, June 5th, 2020

Steve Roach,Places Between,Earth Island

Safe Creations,The Hyugens Probe,Images of Saturn

Scott Reich,Karuna,Interbeing Elements of Connection

Martin Sturtzer,Starburst,Far Beyond the Stars

Jesper Pedersen,Clavilux,Three by 15

Henry Wolff & Nancy Hennings,Crossing the Line,Tibetian Bells III: The Empty Mirror

Symmetry,Glitch Mob,Alienmusic

Divine Matrix,Tracking the Light,Helios

Andrew Tomasello,Asymmetrical Parallel,Vertical,Horizontal

Otto Luening,Breath,Pierre Henry’s Fantastic Journey from Life to Death

Steve Horelick,Uncertainty One,Sources of Uncertainty Improvs

Steve Reich,Pendulum Music,Wall of Sound: Drones-Patterns-Noises

The Quantum Erasure Experiment,Agoraphobic Awakenings,Mass for the Dead

Robert Rich-Distant Traveler-Offering to the Morning Fog

Amon-Never Know,Enter Darkness,The Legacy

Cooper Bowman,Arid Fault B2,Arid Fault

Juan Garces,Senora Desert,Obsidian