Playlist for Music with Space with Mike Hunter, June 22nd, 2020

Steve Roach-Air Passage-Steve Roach Live @ Trans-Sonic 5-31-1986

D. Barbiero & C. Bocci-Malebranche-Demonology In Dante’s Inferno

Stefan Paulus-Pilgrimage To The Internal Entrance Of Mt. Säntis-Halo From Inside The Mountains

Jair-Rohm Parker Wells-Persepolis-unreleased

The Quantum Eraser Experiment-Quantum Eraser-Mass for the Dead

Subsonic Experience-Leftover One-Leftovers

Robert Rich-Awake When Shadows Walk-Offering to the Morning Fog

Safe Creations (Ken Moore)-An Underground Ocean-Images of Saturn

Scott Reich-Knowing-Interbeing: Elements of Connection

Jesper Pedersen-Rain-Three by 15

Escape Velocity-The Heart of Lyrid-The Heart of Lyrid


Cosmic Hoffmann-Orbiting Neptune-Astral Journey

Mario Lino Stancati-Kabalika!!-Cross The Desert

andrea parker & daz quayle-ghost hamlet-private dreams and public nightmares

Henry Wolff & Nancy Hennings-Spacelights-Tibetan Bells III: The Empty Mirror

Divine Matrix-Solar Winds-Helios