Playlist for Habitat Enrichment with Krista, August 4th, 2020

Aired 7-10AM

Tomokawa Kazuki – Storms in the Dead of Night – International Sad Hits Volume One: Altaic Language Group

Jeff Daugherty – Place Inside My Mind – Dreams and Ruins

Frank Waln – The Story of Home – Olowan Wetu

Frank Waln – Home – Olowan Wetu

Eugene Smallwood – Little Wooden Church on the Hill – Wade in the Water Vol 3

Our Native Daughters  with Rhiannon Giddens, Amythyst Kiah, Allison Russell – Moon Meets the Sun – Songs of Our Native Daughters

Paulina Przybysz and Natalia Przybysz – Burning Down the House – Czyja to melodia

*Rraahi – Raaahi – Raahi 

The Boinks – Dancing With the Dinosaurs – Summerlong

Ballady i Romanse – Bylas Serca Biciem – Alternatywa

Cyril Stinnet and Lina Hughes – Dance Around Molly – Banjo Classics from the Vaults of County Records and Old Blue Records

Doris Jones – Walk on the Sides of Feet – Children’s Activities to Music

Krom Phleng Mohori – Style of the Ayaii Dance Ensemble – Cambodia: Traditional Music Vol 2

Omid Hajili – Ey Dad – Ey Dad

Art Lord and the Self Portraits – Let’s All Cut Our Hair – The Definitive Collection

*Ricky Reed, Terrace Martin and St Panther – Real Magic – Real Magic Single

Yola – Ride Out in the Country – Ride Out In the Country

*NNAMDI – Flowers to my Demons – BRAT

*Turbo Vice – Sewers – Save Room

Harry Nilsson – Without Her – Pandemonium Shadow Show

Iron and Wine and Ben Bridwell – God Knows (You Gotta Give to Get) – Sing Into My Mouth

Bendrick Strepkova – Order, Embezzelment, Writ, Wrongful Discharge – Howard Law School Prep

*Tye Tribbett – We Gon’ Be Alright – We Gon Be Alright Single

Leonard Cohen – Steer Your Way – You Want it Darker

Qalbike Uzaqbergenova – Hayyu – Uzbekistan: Musical Traditions of the Karakalpaks

*Angel Olsen – Whole New Mess – Whole New Mess Single

Fiona Apple – Werewolf – The Idler Wheel is Wiser than the Driver of the Screw and Whipping Cords Will Serve You More Than Ropes Will Ever Do 

Paul Simon – Werewolf – Stranger

Patrick Wolf – Wolf Song – Lycanthropy

Alexa Woodward – Wolves – It’s a Good Life Honey if you Don’t Grow Weary

Aaliyah – Are You That Somebody – Dr DooLittle the Album

*Carl Lewis – Portal to Happiness – Portal to Happiness

Shawn Wasabi – Spicy Boyfriend – Spicy Boyfriend

*Shawn Wasabi feat Chevy – Halo Halo – Mangotale

*Funkmammoth – Funkmammoth – Retirement Resort

*Derek Simpson – Hide and Seek – Hide and Seek Single

Ween – Your Party – La Cucharacha

The Camerawalls – Clinically Dead for 16 Hours – Pocket Guide to the Otherworld

Olive (Masamitsu Nakanowatari/Keiko Otsuka) – Pierrot – Olive Japan 1976

The Rumblers – Warhead – Bosssounds

The Bittersweets – The Hurtin’ Kind – Hurtin’ Kind/Summertime 7″

Jubal – Where Should I Be – Thoughts of You

*CD Ghost – Here It Comes Again – Here It Comes Again Single

*Helsinki Lambda Club – Aoi At Noon – Gojaoi