To end our gorgeous Spring Membership Drive, WPRB is hosting our inaugural STATION ID CONTEST!

What is a Station ID? I’m so glad you asked! Have you ever heard a car crash at the top of the hour, or a man failing to defuse a bomb, followed by “WPRB Princeton”? We play these IDs every hour, and we want YOU to send us your SILLIEST, WACKIEST, ZANIEST Station IDs!

These IDs should be no longer than 30 seconds, and can take whatever form you like as long as they include the words “WPRB Princeton” and “103.3.” Recite your favorite poem! Give an abridged recipe for one pot lemon ricotta! Do an ASMR mukbang! Read WPRB’s eulogy! Send your best and your worst to in the form of an .mp3 or .wav file by the end of the day on Saturday, April 20th.

Our top three will be played during the drive’s finale at 8:00 pm ET on Sunday the 21st, and the winner will receive ALL OUR DRIVE MERCH!