WPRB is a community-supported radio station, which means we bear an equal duty to serve our community. It is beyond time for us to use the power and platform of community radio to support the ongoing revolutionary movements led by Black people, against a system that has for generations subjected them to brutalization and dehumanization by unaccountable police forces. These are only a poorly-disguised legacy of centuries of colonial violence.

WPRB stands firmly with Black Lives Matter and wants to facilitate justice in any way we can. To that end:

Radio programming will resume airing community PSAs, specifically bringing attention to local mutual aid funds, bail funds, and ways to support other grassroots efforts led by organizers in our surrounding communities that have been especially vital throughout the last months. If you are part of an effort you want us to include, email us at community@wprb.com.

We’re also looking to talk to experts in the field and people doing work on the ground, in order to elevate stories that aren’t usually told. If you’re interested in recording an interview, email us at news@wprb.com.

Additionally, we’ve included a document compiling links (and extensive resources created by other people) through which you can donate and get educated. We will be updating this regularly.

All of this is, of course, only a drop in the bucket in comparison to the systemic revolution which is necessary, but we hope to use our voice to amplify others’ and to be an agent for change. We’re still working remotely and developing a timeline for when we can begin broadcasting live again, but justice can’t wait. We’ll do what we can, and hope you will too.

Edit April 2021: Although our efforts are focused on remaining open and on the air at the moment, these discussions continue here at WPRB. We continue to air community PSAs for mutual aid funds as well as youth & BIPOC-centered organizations in our broadcast range. Our board members and many of our DJs are actively seeking out and forming promotional relationships with predominantly-BIPOC labels. As local businesses reopen, our underwriting efforts will center long-standing business relationships as well as growing BIPOC-owned businesses. We are rebuilding WPRB with a stronger, more equitable foundation.

If you would like us to support your organization, record label, business, or other local community effort you can always reach out to us at community@wprb.com!