WPRB’S TOP 103 OF 2017!

Another music organization, another top albums list. But ours is actually worth reading.

Tons of experimental, mind-melting, avant-whatever here, in many flavors: electronic, punk, folk, ambient, post-rock, zolo, kraut, emo, jazz, sludge, neo-classical, hip hop, industrial, math rock, done, shoegaze, leftfield, gross, weirdo, beegolb, joflig, hiofsie, fwiafl, fjeoiwjgl, fhowrjlw…

Thanks to everyone who made this a great year in music and radio! On-heckin’-ward!

(If you’d like to see an ~illustrated version~ of this list with all the album art, email music@wprb.com.)

1. LAUREL HALO, Dust, Hyperdub

2. VARIOUS, Magnetband: Experimenteller Elektronik-Underground DDR 1984-1989, Bureau B

3. MACULA DOG, Natural Dog, Haord

4. PALBERTA, Bye Bye Berta, Wharf Cat

5. ARCA, Arca, XL

6. ANNIE ANXIETY, Soul Possession, Dais

7. MARK FEEHAN, M.F. II, Richie

8. MHYSA, fantasii, Halcyon Veil

9. GRAILS, Chalice Hymnal, Temporary Residence

10. PHARMAKON, Contact, Sacred Bones

11. RYUICHI SAKAMOTO, async, Milan

12. SNEAKS, It’s a Myth, Merge

13. VOIGT/465, Slights Still Unspoken, Guerssen

14. TAIWAN HOUSING PROJECT, Veblen Death Mask, Kill Rock Stars

15. FAUST, Fresh Air, Bureau B

16. VARIOUS, Typical Girls Vol. 2, Emotional Response

17. CAMP COPE, Camp Cope, Run For Cover

18. CABO BOING, Blob on a Grid, Haord

19. MIDORI TAKADA, Through the Looking Glass, WRWTFWWR

20. UROCHROMES, Night Bully, Wharf Cat

21. RICH LABONTE, Mayan Canals, Dark Entries

22. AWA POULO, Poulo Warali, Awesome Tapes from Africa

23. FAT WORM OF ERROR, Nzznzzzznnznznnn, Feeding Tube

24. AYE NAKO, Silver Haze, Don Giovanni

25. LAIBACH, Also Sprach Zarathustra, Mute

26. JUANA MOLINA, Halo, Crammed Discs

27. VISIBLE CLOAKS, Reassemblage, RVNG Intl.

28. GIRLPOOL, Powerplant, Anti-

29. WALL, Untitled, Wharf Cat

30. JAIMIE BRANCH, Fly or Die, International Anthem

31. XETAS, The Tower, 12XU

32. SHEER MAG, Sheer Mag, Static Shock/Wilsuns

33. WORRIERS, Survival Pop, SideOneDummy

34. CARLA DAL FORNO, The Garden, Blackest Ever Black

35. DE-BONS-EN-PIERRE, Crepes, Dark Entries

36. USA/Mexico, Laredo, 12XU


38. SCANTRON, 882-E, Discontinuous Innovation

39. AQUASERGE, Laisse Ca Etre, Almost Musique

40. KELLY LEE OWENS, Kelly Lee Owens, Smalltown Supersound

41. FLORIST, If Blue Could Be Happiness, Double Double Whammy

42. AARON DILLOWAY, The Gag File, Dais

43. BENJAMIN CLEMENTINE, I Tell A Fly, Barclay

44. ART FEYNMAN, Blast Off Through the Wicker, Western Vinyl

45. VAGABON, Infinite Worlds, Father/Daughter

46. FROM NURSERY TO MISERY, Pixies in the Woods, Dark Entries

47. BROKEBACK, Illinois River Valley Blues, Thrill Jockey

48. JOHN MAUS, Screen Memories, Ribbon

49. VASUDEVA, No Clearance, Skeletal Lightning

50. HOLY MOTORS, Sleeprydr, Wharf Cat

51. HARAM, When You Have Won, You Have Lost, La Vida Es Un Mus Discos


53. TREVOR BABB, Warmth, Innova


55. ENDLESS BOOGIE, Vibe Killer, No Quarter

56. PALM, Shadow Expert, Carpark

57. MEGA BOG, Happy Together, Nicey

58. MAX ROACH, We Insist! Max Roach’s Freedom Now Suite, Cornbread

59. DIASPORA, Demo 2017, self-released

60. GODSPEED YOU! BLACK EMPEROR, Luciferian Towers, Constellation

61. SIDEWALK CHALK, An Orchid is Born, Ropeadope

62. SACRED PAWS, Strike a Match, Rock Action

63. VIDEO NASTIES, Video Nasties, Feeding Tube

64. ALICE COLTRANE TURIYASANGITANANDA, World Spirituality Classics 1: The Ecstatic Music of Alice Coltrane Turiyasangitananda, Luaka Bop

65. BLONDE REDHEAD, 3 O’Clock, Asa Wa Kuru

66. THE DOGS, Slash Your Face, Almost Ready

67. PINEGROVE, Everything So Far, Run For Cover

68. MW ENSEMBLE, Music for Piano Transmission, Ionik

69. THOMAS LEER, 1979, Dark Entries


71. DAMAGED BUG, Bunker Funk, Castle Face

72. W. ZABARKAS, The Origin of Dreams, Glistening Examples

72. WAXAHATCHEE, Out in the Storm, Merge

74. MICHAEL CHAPMAN, 50, Paradise of Bachelors

75. HALF WAIF, form/a, Cascine

76. REQUIEM, For a World After, Mental Experience

77. ADULT., Detroit House Guests, Mute

78. SLOWDIVE, Slowdive, Dead Oceans

79. LULA PENA, Archivo Pittoresco, Crammed Discs

80. DANA, Dana, Heel Turn

81. MORRICONE YOUTH, Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans, Country Club

82. VARIOUS, Uzelli Psychedelic Anadolu, Uzelli Kaset San

83. MIDNIGHT SISTER, Saturn Over Sunset, Jagjaguwar

84. TAPIMAN, Hard Drive, Guerssen

85. ALLISON CRUTCHFIELD, Tourist in This Town, Merge

86. IAN CHANG, Spiritual Leader, Kowloon

87. KELLEY STOLTZ, Que Aura, Castle Face

88. FLESH WORLD, Into the Shroud, Dark Entries

89. WRITHING SQUARES TOO, Victory for Womankind, Richie

90. SCHNEIDER-KACIREK, Radius Walk, Bureau B

91. DUDS, Of a Nature or Degree, Castle Face

92. SOCCER MOMMY, Collection, Fat Possum

93. R. STEVIE MOORE & JASON FALKNER, Make It Be, Lost Colony

94. ANJOU, Epithymia, Kranky

95. JULIAN LAGE & CHRIS ELDRIDGE, Mount Royal, Free Dirt

96. HAND HABITS, Wildly Idle, Woodsist


98. DOWNTRODDER, II, self-released

99. NICOLE MITCHELL, Mandorla Awakening II: Emerging Worlds, FPE


101. KING GIZZARD AND THE LIZARD WIZARD, Flying Microtonal Banana, ATO

102. BLANK SQUARE, Animal I, Castle Face

103. PSYCHIC TEENS, Hex, Hex

Others we loved this year, released before 2017:

MARIE DAVIDSON // Adieux Au Dancefloor // Cititrax
VARIOUS // Oz Waves: Australian DIY // Efficient Space
CARLA DAL FORNO // You Know What It’s Like // Blackest Ever Black
ANNA HOMLER & STEVE MOSHIER // Breadwoman & Other Tales // RVNG Intl.
YVES TUMOR // Serpent Music // PAN
AHOE-AHOEA // True Love Never Dies // Bunkerpop
BODY/HEAD // No Waves // Matador
NHK YX KOYXEN // Doom Steppy Reverb // Diagonal
FLESH FROG // Flesh Frog // Shovel Tusker
ANGEL // 2017 // Faro
JAMES CHANCE & THE CONTORTIONS // The Flesh Is Weak // True Groove
K. LEIMER // A Period of Review: Original Recordings 1975-1983 // RVNG Intl.
COLD FOAMERS // All Cold Everything // Slugsalt