8-27-2016 ater midnight – Bernhard Wöstheinrich – Live on Music With Space

Friday, 8/26/2016, after midnight (technically this is Saturday morning) Bernhard Wöstheinrich (aka the Redundant Rocker) will be performing on the WPRB program Music With Space.

“The alter ego The Redundant Rocker was created around 2002, and it finally established itself with the release of “Collider“. Since then, the moniker somehow co-existed with and influenced Bernhard’s other diverse projects; the realm of The Redundant Rocker and all the rest (which actually don’t have dedicated names) just mutually enhanced each other, there is no cusp between his projects, and you may find Redundant Rocker music under the names “Bernhard” and “Bernhard Wöstheinrich” as well, and the other way around.

The name The Redundant Rocker ironically alludes to a certain kind of replace-ability in modern art and music: with today’s technology, anyone could easily be replaced with a drum (or coffee) machine.

The person behind The Redundant Rocker, Bernhard Wöstheinrich, is a composer, painter, graphic designer, performer, small town bohemian, failed control freak, and, finally, even a record label owner in Germany. His projects and albums have been released on a variety of labels and span different fields of electronic and ambient music.

Bernhard started in about 1987 to intensely experiment with his own sounds and tunes after he found out that drawing and painting simply weren’t enough to adequately express himself. He went about to find something that might had a more “performing” approach. Inspired by the likes of Einstürzende Neubauten and other informal and experimental music, he finally began to work in a very personal way to compose and record some early tapes. The rest, as they say, is history.”

Seth Chrisman & Nathan McLaughlin Live on WPRB

This Friday, just after midnight (technically Saturday morning), tune into the WPRB program Music With Space for a live on air concert y Seth Chrisman and Nathan McLaughlin

Seth Chrisman is a musician based in the Hudson Valley, New York. Extended techniques, location recordings, and radio receptions are woven together to create undulating sonic environments. He has performed live at festivals such as Goldrush and Substrata and his recordings have found a home on labels including Full Spectrum Records and Constellation Tatsu.

Hudson, NY resident Nathan McLaughlin explores sound with a focus on acoustic instruments and reel to reel. He views the reel to reel as not just a source of effect and texture, but as its own instrument. Acoustic instruments serve as a companion to the reel to reel, with studies being carried out on the philosophical idea of going to the center. Nathan’s music has been released on a variety of labels such as Senufo Editions, Eilean Records and Scissor Tail Editions.

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Iron Gump, Sean Hoots & Thomas Bendel – Live

Live, afte midnight on Friday (technically Saturday 13th) on Music With Space

Iron Gump, for the last seven years, has been traveling and living in Maui, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Gump-Hoots.jpgPhiladelphia. Spontaneously connecting musically with different artists around the world.Through his musical exploration he has gained a deeper understanding about allowing the instruments to play him and to listen/feel the other musicians playing as well.  His connection to sound has become his passion and his way of creating a space for people to explore. The universe sings!

Sean Hoots is a maker of music living in the land of West Philadelphia.  Perhaps best known for his roots/rock project Hoots & Hellmouth, Hoots has been writing, recording, and performing original music across a myriad of genres for the past three decades.  The last few years have found him delving deeper into the mysterious, crafting sprawling soundscapes from found-sounds, synths, guitars, and vocal manipulations.  This world of contemplative, meditative music, especially when combined with the talents of Iron Gump, offers a unique opportunity for performer and listener to share a soul-plumbing experience.

Thomas Bendel is a composer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist with a focus on drums and percussion based in Philadelphia. Improvisation, exploration of texture and subversion of instrumental roles are his aspiration, although big dumb drums are just fine, too.
You can catch him playing around Philadelphia with a number of artists including Birdie Busch, Arc Divers, Jesse Hale Moore. You can hear his recorded work on albums by Birdie Busch, Johnny Miles, Ross Bellenoit, Arc Divers, and many more.