WPRB Fundraising Drive: Spring 2017 – SCROLL DOWN TO DONATE!


Dear Listeners,

Radio-supported independent community.

More than just a witty word reversal of our favorite on-air catch phrase, this phrase, coined by one of our very own DJs, has struck a chord here at WPRB Princeton. WPRB is about family and friends. As Station Manager, I constantly see and hear the passion from our DJs and fans that makes me never want to leave. By sharing with and supporting each other, we learn and thrive together. From Slovakia to right here at home in Jersey (and even the folks listening to our station out on the high seas!), we’re on air because of you.

Coming out of another strong year of fundraising after our 75th anniversary, your support has transformed the station, from a pro-grade production computer to tons of new music. With this, you, our loyal listeners, will see lots of new content, both on the airwaves and on our brand new website (coming at you pronto!) like exclusive in-house interviews and live sessions with your favorite musicians. Your generosity has been paramount to this initiative.           

But, a whole new world has opened! And we still need your help to get to where we want to be. To that end, we are making big changes to our fundraising calendar by relaunching our week-long membership drive in the spring beginning next year. Debates aside, this will be a positive for the station in the long run with much more radio coming at you on 103.3 FM and across the universe at www.wprb.com. Why then are we asking now? We need your help to keep the momentum going into next year in support of revolutionary radio. This means that with your donation comes game-changing portable broadcasting, videos of bands and special programming all over the website, and real-time interaction on program playlists with space for commenting on song selections. This is about you, and how radio connects us.

We know you like your swag though 😀 Donning the new station tee, you’ll be a radio head with a mind for music — and music for a mind. Donate more for a station cap! But nothing beats the plush fleece, bed-sized WPRBlanket. Wrap up in the warmth of our station, knowing that your donation has made an undeniable impact on the station and community. The benefits really go both ways, and at our highest pledge level, it will be clear just how much you mean to us and to our listeners.

You can make your tax-deductible pledge below. Bringing you music, old and new, famous and mysterious, from across the universe, we at WPRB stream around the clock because of you. Donate today and let us reweave radio into the immutable fabric of space and time. Forever.


Tristan Schrader
Station Manager | WPRB 103.3FM



FYI!  Pledge levels are cumulative – each higher pledge level contains all of the rad thank-you gifts from the level before.

$15 – WPRB Car Air Freshener!

At the $15 level this spring, your car will smell like you listen to WPRB — always fresh, like the music coming straight at you every hour, and resolute, like the wooded pines that birthed this smell and have withstood the test of time. Keep this turntable spinning on your mirror as a reminder of the music that never stops when you pledge $15 today in support of our station.

$45 – WPRBoombox T-Shirt!

A Portrait of a Listener as a Young Radio. Let friends and passersby gaze into the mirror of your music taste — the portal on your Tee that leads to WPRB. Pledge $45 and remember to mark your size!

Shirt Sizes

$103.3 – WPRBaseball Cap

Our listeners love radio. They also love $6 hoagies. When you donate $103.30, nobody will doubt it. Pledge here and continue to rep your favorite station with a baseball cap, a t-shirt, and the lingering smell of pine when you tune your car radio straight to 103.3 FM.


Shirt Sizes

$250 – WPRBlanket

Honestly, we Googled “reasons to buy a blanket” in order to recognize everyone’s needs, but it should be obvious why one would keep extras on hand, in the car or in the house, at all times. Why you should get a WPRBlanket though? Because it’s a giant, bed-sized turntable made of fuzzy fleece in which you seek the same warmth and identity and emotions as is in the perpetual motion of the colorfully psychedelic, funky, depressing, weird, and awesome turntables here at New Jersey’s Only Radio Station. Because you couldn’t make a better choice for you, the station, and the future of freeform radio culture. Pledge $250 below for a chance to bundle up in a turntable blanket, don a cap & T-shirt, and smell like trees, all while listening to WPRB.


Shirt Sizes

$500 – ***Exclusive Offer*** Record A WPRB Promo!

Let the world know that you love WPRB when you donate $500 today! Record a fun station promo with us,
and hear it on-air during a whole month of programming at your preferred time slot. First come, first served! There are only 12 months of the year, so the first 12 donations will receive scheduled spots. Any further donors at this level will still receive the WPRBlanket, the baseball cap, the T-shirt, and the air freshener. So many things!

Shirt Sizes

Waive all Premiums

Do you want to waive your premiums to pledge every single cent to our wacky station? Click donate below to choose your pledge amount and to waive all premiums! If you want a tax receipt for your donation, be sure to check the box on the next page “Share My Mailing Address with Princeton Broadcasting Service, Inc.”