WPRB Fundraising Drive: Fall 2017 – SCROLL DOWN TO DONATE!


Dear Listeners,

New Jersey’s “only” radio station.

No doubt our claim to fame here at WPRB Princeton, being one of the oldest surviving FM radio stations in New Jersey and greater Philadelphia. As much as this statement speaks for our reliable freeform programming over the years, these words are rooted more in the unique art that we continue to share together: our radio-supported independent community. I see our fans at the events we sponsor, and I hear our DJs express love for those folks who make their shows worthwhile. We learn and thrive together, and wherever you are in the world, on the internet or through the radio, we are there for you.

This past year has seen many important technological milestones at the station, thanks to your generous contributions during the spring. The biggest among these was top-of-the-line equipment for portable broadcasting, already in use and with plenty of plans in the works. Perhaps you’ve already peeked our brand-spanking-new website, fully constructed by our own students and populated by a plethora of live-recorded music & interviews following a very successful summer of programming. We really feel like we are connecting people, fostering a community, and serving you, our beloved listeners. And, yet none of this would have been possible without you in the first place!

With the changes we have made, more possibilities have opened up, and we still need your help to get to where we want to be. To that end, we are making big changes to our fundraising calendar by relaunching our week-long membership drive in the spring beginning next year. Why then are we asking now? In order to take this bold step, we need your help to keep our momentum up in the coming months. Although staffed by university students, we are independently owned and funded — that means we’ll need all the support we can get to make this happen. What does that mean for your donation this fall? In addition to keeping us alive, your donation will bring more community events and more of your favorite musicians streaming live here on your favorite radio station.

Finally, we know you like your swag! 😎 At the lowest pledge level, you’ll be able to take home two new amazing stickers. Donate a bit more, and, with the new station tee, the ghosts of WPRB’s rockin’ past will quickly find a new vessel to channel their emo spirits through. Take the next step, and prepare yourself for the winter with our woven snowboarder hats. The benefits really go both ways here!

You can make your tax-deductible pledge at pledge.wprb.com, or mail in a check with the form on the back of this letter. In perfectly imperfect harmony, we bring the sounds from the underground straight to your doorstep. Donate today and put radio back on the map for the generations to come.


Tristan Schrader
Station Manager | WPRB 103.3FM



FYI!  Pledge levels are cumulative – each higher pledge level contains all of the rad thank-you gifts from the level before.

$15 – WPRB Sticker Pack!

At the $15 level this fall, plaster your favorite WPRB art onto every surface possible. These two stickers, submitted by station fans, are just what you need on your computer or your car bumper. Dream of weird radio like the sleepy demon and his dog, or just sit back and relax to some WPRB. However you like your radio, with these stickers, you’ll make sure everyone knows it’s WPRB.

$45 – WPRB Ouija T-shirt!

Summon the WPRB rockers of old from beyond the veil with this new student design on a nice black T-shirt!
Communicate with the dead through this Ouija design, and learn that all they want is some more of what we’ve got here at WPRB Princeton:
rockin’ radio! Pledge $45 and remember to mark your size!


$103.3 – WPRB Winter Hat!

Our listeners love radio. When winter comes, you will need to survive… and also look cool! When you donate $103.30, nobody will doubt that you take your radio seriously, and that WPRB is the only thing that keeps you alive in these trying times.
Pledge here and continue to rep your favorite station with a winter snow hat, a t-shirt, and two awesome WPRB stickers!


Brain Bot


Waive all Premiums

Do you want to waive your premiums to pledge every single cent to our wacky station? Click donate below to choose your pledge amount and to waive all premiums! If you want a tax receipt for your donation, be sure to check the box on the next page “Share My Mailing Address with Princeton Broadcasting Service, Inc.”