the worried waltz

with Thomas

Tuesday, April 27, 2004
11:00 to 13:00
worried waltz
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Artist Song Album Label Comments
bela bartok adagio music for percussion string instruments and celesta columbia celeste salute
daniel pinkham prelude concerto for celesta and harpsichord soli cri celeste salute
herm saunders softly as in a morning sunrise that celestial feeling warner brothers celeste salute
jimmy giuffre deep purple the jimmy giuffre clarinet atlantic celeste salute
joyride childsong friend sound rca celeste salute
alexandre rabinovitch barakovsky trois invocations for string quartet and amplified celesta pura cosa mentale megadisc celeste salute
ute lemper/spoliansky its all a swindle berlin cabaret songs london
anthony newley once upon a time can heironymous merkin ever forget mercy humppe and find true happiness kapp
peter sellers ukelele lady cdr cdr
scott walker/brel the girls and the dogs scott two fontana
bee gees craise finton kirk royal academy of arts bee gees 1st polydor
the idle race dont put your boys in the army mrs. ward birthday party sunset
randy newman laughing boy randy newman creates something new under the sun reprise
tim buckley carnival song goodbye and hello elektra
todd rundgren song of the viking something anything bearsville
high llamas the sun beats down cold and bouncy virgin
rufus wainwright vibrate want one dreamworks
the divine comedy my imaginary friend/the happy goth absent friends parlophone
henry mancini push the button max the great race rca
ennio morricone 4 mosche di velluto grizio psichedelico jazzistico el
ferrante & teicher merry widow waltz blast off abc paramount
brian eno put a straw under baby taking tiger mountain by strategy editions eg
momus/anne laplantine seakliff kragg/mckenzie fling summerisle analog baroque
bjork human behaviour holy blistering harpsichords 34 post elizabethan classics cdr
tom recchion psst samba i love my organ birdman
peter sellers ukele lady cdr cdr