Mixtape Maker / Heart Breaker

with Julia Factorial

catalog of musical failures and lifesavers.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007
11:00 to 13:00

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Artist Song Album Label Comments New Request Comp
little willie john heartbreak (it's hurtin' me) best of king my mom insists that from this point on i must start my show with this song every week. i'm not against this sugestion (demand). \
king khan & bbq show treat me like a dog what's for dinner in the red *
the gentrys brown paper sack keep on dancing mgm
redd kross frosted flake neurotica five foot two
the oblivians you better behave popular favorites crypt
reigning sound funny thing too much guitar in the red
the shangri las i can never go home anymore best of . the reigning sound on tour with mary weiss of the shangri las right now. and it's awesome.
pj harvey rid of me rid of me island when i first got this cd, i was absolutely terrified of ms. polly jean. seriously. i had no idea what to make of her. this was like 1994? i was 13. this was before i got schooled on bratmobile and heavens to betsy. and this woman totally blew a hole through my head. awesome. this holds up so well.
deerhunter cryptograms cryptograms kranky *
human television inconsistent look at who you're talking to gigantic music this is so good! destined to be stuck in my head for a couple weeks.
julie doiron i woke myself up woke myself up jagjaguwar sweetness. *
the blow parenthesis paper television k oh kayla i'm totally in love with you. *
sonic youth the diamond sea the destroyed room geffen *
steve reich groove machine (string quartet no.2 different trains / piano phase black box i love this duder. *
mustafa ozkent orchestra dolana genclik ile elele finders keepers *
archers of loaf underachievers march and fight song vee vee alias R
smart went crazy null set now we're even dischord "nature adores a vaccum"
times new viking teenage lust present the paisley reich siltbreeze holy moly i fucking love this *
the freeze idiots at happy hour this is boston, no LA wicked disc how did st. patrick's day become a month long event?? C
naked raygun fever island raygun....naked raygun caroline
nation of ulysses you're my miss washington d.c. 13 point program to destroy america dischord
born against mount the pavement patriotic battle hymns kill rock stars
the rogers sisters dig a hole troubleman unlimited sampler troubleman unlimited C
the wipers return of the rat is this real park ave. R
silkworm dust my broom in the west .
magazine the light pours out of me real life R
wreckless eric i'd go the whole wide world big smash stiff R
polvo thermal treasure today's active lifestyles merge R
beat happening other side crashing through (sampler) k