Transitional Soundscapes

with DJ TM5

Industrial Cereal sounds like noize when you add milk

Thursday, March 8, 2007
00:00 to 02:00
electronic / industrial
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Artist Song Album Label New Request Comp
Project Pitchfork Realm Center Eon : Eon Metropolis
Stromkern Stand Up Asleep By Dawn Asleep By Dawn Magazine C
Pretty In Velvet Scream n/a s/r
Meat Beat Manifesto Helter Skelter 97 Original Fire Nothing
Skinny Puppy PolitikiL Mythmaker SPV *
Aghast View Fade Away Carcinopest Gashed
Montell Jordan This Is How We Do It n/a n/a
Tumor Bloody Nightmare Zombienation SPV
Pain Receptor Bleak - Union n/a s/r
Gridlock Cramp Further Pendragon
High Level Static RBMK n.4 Shining Matrix Cube
Skinny Puppy PasturN Mythmaker SPV *
Ayria Six Seconds On All Sides Asleep By Dawn Asleep By Dawn Magazine C
Motomachine Slave To The Synth n/a s/r
Cubanate Angel Dust Antimatter Dynamica
Nine Inch Nails Hand That Feeds With Teeth n/a R
KMFDM Muppets Theme ( Techno Remix ) n/a n/a
Velvet Acid Christ Futile ( Resisted ) remixed by Funker Vogt Velvet Acid Christ vs. Funker Vogt Metropolis
Ministry Stigmata The Land Of Rape And Honey Sire
Front Line Assembly Mindphasor ( single version ) Reclamation Roadrunner
C/ A/ T Fiebre En La Pasarela ( Epidenia vs. C/A/T ) The Prisoner Crunchpod
Derma- Tek Payback Corpus Techological DSBP
Kevorkian Death Cycle Veal Collection For Injection Ras DVA