Mixtape Maker / Heart Breaker

with Julia Factorial

catalog of musical failures and lifesavers.

Wednesday, March 7, 2007
11:00 to 13:00

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Artist Song Album Label Comments New Request
dead meadow rocky mountain high s/t xemu *
the lunachicks whole lotta b.s. binge and purge safe house comprised entirely of black sabbath lyrics and references.
garageland never gonna come around here again last exit to garageland flying nun i'mtotallylost.
madvillain money folder madvillainy stones throw
dub narcotic hand clappin hand clappin' k just so wrong. but i like his place-dropping about olympia since i've tried living there one time too many.
fonda when you're so young the strange and the familiar hidden agenda ex-mighty lemon drops
luna chinatown penthouse elektra rushing 'round in taxi cabs.
pauline oliveros lion's tale for sampler lion's eye / lion's tale deep listening gamelan jawn *
the blow true affection paper television k you were 20,000 underneath the sea *
henry flynt echo rock backporch hillbilly blues vol.2 locust this sounds like teleportation.
the frogs i'm sad the goat just died today my daughter the broad matador
billy bragg waiting for the great leap forwards 2006 reissue sampler vol 2 yep roc *
les breastfeeders laisse autant le vent tout emporter de'jeuner sur l'herbc blow the fuse translation: let the wind carry everything away / lunch on the grass
th faith healers uk the people imaginary friend elektra
trans am climbing up the ladder (parts III & IV) sex change thrill jockey *
lying in states hackles wildfire on that lake flameshovel yikes. rad sounding
broccoli i am a robot home rugger bugger despite the title which nowadays would be considered so cute, this was released in 1998. when things like this weren't cute, but ruled. so there. R
fracture no way DNA s/t no idea
ween dr. rock the pod shimmy disc R
prowler prowler theme communizzle s/r from philly. *
burning brides heart full of black leave no ashes v2 i think i've butchered this song on guitar hero, if i'm no mistaken. i kinda can't believe a band from philadelphia wound up on a video game. that's not a diss by the way. oh wait! ink and dagger got jacked by some microsoft game a while back too. but it wasn't licensed or something anyway. this song rules.
the fall c.r.e.e.p. wonderful and frightening world of the fall beggars banquet
fugazi do you like me red medicine dischord
lync friend remembering the fireballs (part 8) k / troubleman unlimited
gentle giant just the same free hand drt entertainment
fourteen iced bears inside in the beginning slumberland holycow how i love this song
butthole surfers one hundred million people dead humpty dumpty lsd