Mixtape Maker / Heart Breaker

with Julia Factorial

catalog of musical failures and lifesavers.

Wednesday, February 7, 2007
11:00 to 13:00

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Artist Song Album Label Comments New Request Comp
this heat repeat repeat/health & efficiency these a listener has called in to let me know that the pope has granted me 1000 years reprieve from purgatory for playing this heat. word. does a morning get much better than that???
ariel pink's haunted graffiti envelopes another day the doldrums paw tracks
robert pollard i'm a strong lion from a compound eye merge *
jennifer blowdryer night club pig cdr this woman rules the school!
bikini kill no backrub reject all american kill rock stars these are the things i give myself.
starlite desperation mona lisa snake go kill mice flapping jet
the creation biff bang pow nuggets II rhino C
the ramones i wanna sniff some glue best of
s.o.d. milk speak english or die megaforce
the fall fit and working again / slates slags etc slates 10' rough trade
dinosaur jr water green mind R
nikki sudden & the french revolution back to the coast groove giant
the karl hendricks trio some girls like cigarettes some girls like cigarettes
jonathan richman roadrunner the original modern lovers mohawk TONIGHT! i'll be spinning all jonathan richman at the 700 in philly! and he's playing tomorrow in philadelphia. GO ALREADY!
jonathan richman in che mondo viviamo not so much to be loved as to love vapor
jonathan richman give paris one more chance her mystery not of high heels and eye shadow vapor
stone roses the hardest thing in the world elephant stone 12' silvertone
the undertones hypnotised hypnotised sire
weston retarded got beat up go kart i seriously spent a good portion of sunday morning listening to weston and anthrax exclusively. don't ask me what's going on. i don't know.
supercharger are you a boy or are you a girl supercharger estrus
tea set sing song messthetics #102 hyped to death awesome * C
nothing people twinkie defense problems 7' s-s records wow. dig this. *
the bell rays snotgun have a little faith vital gesture AGGHH so good *
times new viking lover's lane split 7" times new viking and pyschedelic horseshit s/r AHHHHHHHH really good. *
huggy bear derwin taking the rough with the smooch kill rock stars R
the styrenes electricity it's artastic LSR
laurie anderson the fifth plague plague songs 4ad creepiest track on here. and i love laurie, so you know i think this is rad. * C
terry reid superlungs my supergirl superlungs astralwerks donovan cover. and her breathing's real good.
incredible string band first girl i loved relics oh man. thanks for this one duder.
spoon i summon you gimme fiction merge
jennifer blowdryer travel poems cdr
the aisler's set i've been mistreated terrible things happen slumberland
spent excuse me while i drink myself to death old enough to know better merge C
archers of loaf harnessed in slums / nevermind the enemy vee vee alias
the field mice let's kiss and make up / you're kidding aren't you snowball revolver
television marquee moon marquee moon