Thursday, April 22, 2004
13:00 to 16:00
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Artist Song Album Label Comments New Request Comp
schell's hobo band (all eventually) twelve by twelve ? today's background music
earth like gold and faceted earth 2 subpop today is earthday
willie lapache el molde quisqueya en el hudson Smithsonian Folkways dominican bachata * C
david thomas & the pedestrians the crickets in the flats the sound of sand Rough Trade (an anton fier piece)
DJ Spooky bill laswell's oscillations (vedic's live pop remix) mixed w/ scanner's biological closure + freeform vs micheal mayer mixed w/ kurt schwitters' ursonate Rhythm Science sub rosa *
dustdevils ordinary madness gutterlight fundamental (mine from 1988)
asteroid 4 he's a fire honeyspot turquoise mountain
groove farm driving in your new car (mini mix) 10" subway organization
norm burns & singers human breakdown of absurdity american song-poem anthology bar-none C
ida coupons tales of brave ida simple machines ten years old this year
devendra banhart insect eyes rejoicing in the hands young god for some reason, I didn't get to hear his album from last year *
pip proud wild whorses a yellow flower emperor jones similarities, no?
ooioo track 3 kila kila kila Thrill Jockey side project of the boredoms' drummer *
johnny cash the shifting, whispering sands (parts 1 & 2) ...sings the ballads of the true west columbia
goblins bring back the summer alive 7" it won't go flat
ash wednesday love by the numbers can't stop it chapter C
mindflayer reappearing tigerfist it's always 1999 load *
guided by voices back to the lake universal truths and cycles matador playing tonight at conduit in trenton R
liquid pink freight train home st atomic
bunnybrains love me do holiday massacre '98 public eyesore played a goddamn great show in princeton on friday
trapdoor fucking exit inherit the inheritance be not content no idea *
young pioneers carlos the jackal crimewave ep vermiform
thankless dogs time to say 7" bag of hammers
the krunchies john bitter 7" Criminal IQ *
pain teens wild world stimulation festival trance syndicate (mine)
art zoyd images d'une ville-poussiere (pictures of a dust city) les espaces inquiets madrigal france my pronouncing of french sucks
Glenn Branca bad smells Lesson No 1 acute *
bad brains riot squad rock for light pvc R
teengenerate no reason to complain let's go to the hop 10" sympathy
year future each others futures st ep gsl
instant death the overture instant death 7" dada records
Eyeball Skeleton The Smokey Turtle The Smokey Turtle beezwax