Mixtape Maker / Heart Breaker

with Julia Factorial

catalog of musical failures and lifesavers.

Wednesday, January 31, 2007
11:00 to 13:00

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Artist Song Album Label Comments New Comp
dragon city track 1/2 s/t s/r philadelphia. *
ruby falls let me go why do you think they call it pop? pop narcotic good stuff. C
trampoline i want one of everybody one small step spin art C
deerhoof matchbook seeks maniac friend oppurtunity kill rock stars *
dead meadow indian bones s/t xemu *
towel old new song ... vermiform
young pioneers fascist snowstorm disaster / we march crime wave vermiform
restricted hours getting things done Messthetics #102 comp Hyped2Death rad! * C
strapping fieldhands he's right in the pineys siltbreeze man oh man. glad i found this.
teengenerate drive let's go to the hop sympathy for record industry
joh lee hooker i'm mad specialty profiles Specialty *
urge overkill what's this generation coming to? stull EP touch & go
rocket from the crypt on a rope scream dracula scream interscope
skin yard inside the eye undertow this sucked. sorry.
orchid destination: blood! dance today, revolution tomorrow ebullition "if you turn this up loud enough the transistors will punch you in the face". wow.
hot snakes braintrust thunder down under swami *
the evens cut from the cloth get evens dischord *
dawn penn no no no 12'
jonathan richman corner store it's time for ... upside
jonathan richman dodge veg-o-matic rock n roll with ... get back
jonathan richman chewing gum wrapper rockin' and romance twintone
a hawk and hacksaw gadje sirba the way the wind blows the leaf label *
pet clark if i were a bell my love
lesley gore sunshine lollipops and rainbows the ladies rhino rhino oh my god, all my teeth just fell out
of montreal heindalsgate like a promethean curse hissing fauna, are you the destroyer polyvinyl *
tono bungay / tower recordings drawings in the gatefold sleeve come to life when it is closed rules of thumb squealer
thinking fellers union local 282 undertaker admonishing the bishops matador
the wedding present dalliance dalliance EP
sisterhood of convoluted thinkers where are we going? what are we eating? i remember the day smarty marched into town hemiola
the dentists ugly the dentists 10' ep indenpent project recs